What is better Pokemon or Digimon?

When I was 9 or 10 I liked Digimon very much.I watched Pokemon occasionaly ,but Digimon was far better.They stopped them after a while though :/.They're always ... - Read more

Which is better? Pokemon or Digimon? | First Page | Forum ... It's all subjective. Personally, I think Digimon does better with the anime while Pokemon is better with ... - Read more

Discussion about What is better Pokemon or Digimon?

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Digimon vs. Pokemon - Digimon Wiki

Digimon vs. Pokemon is mainly a feud between Digimon and Pokemon fans. It is mainly about which is better, and it often has Pokemon fans claiming that Digimon is a ...

Pokemon or... Digimon? by Uzucake on DeviantArt

Pokemon are better at making games Digimon is better at making anime. Reply. Previous; 1; 2; 3... 79; Next; Add a Comment: Preview Submit Comment ©2014 DeviantArt.

Which is better: Pokemon or Digimon? | Billericay School ...

I believe that Digimon is better as it once featured a pinapple in an episode, have you ever seen a pinapple in pokemon? well I haven’t and nor do I care if it has.

Whats better original Pokemon or Digimon | Facebook

Whats better original Pokemon or Digimon. 179 likes · 1 talking about this. Comment what is better and why? MADE BY EVA STEFANOPOULOS

Digimon vs Pokemon....The Debate Rages On!

... but there's enough out there as it is for Digimon. Pokemon on the other hand obviously has a lot more to offer. Then again ....they had a head ...

Is Digimon better than Pokemon? | Debate.org

Beloved Answer for Pokemon. Pokemon is one of the most popular gba,ds,3ds game you could ever play. Many people think Pokemon is a copy of digimon.

Whats better Digimon or Pokemon - toonzone forums

Whats better Digimon or Pokemon Like This Thread! please vote above

Which is better? Pokemon or Digimon? | First Page | Forum ...

It's all subjective. Personally, I think Digimon does better with the anime while Pokemon is better with games.

Which is better pokemon or digimon? - Public Opinion ...

Most people tell me pokemon is better. ... It's less repetitive. The kids in every generation always find themselves going into the digital world but they ...


Poll: Which is better Pokemon or Digimon - Quibblo

Which is better Pokemon or Digimon Pokemon Digimon. Quibblo online quizzes . Login | Become A Member. Find Quizzes. Filter Results By: Search For: Polls Surveys

Which is better. Digimon or Pokemon?

Is Pokemon better than Digimon? | Debate.org. Digimon is not a copy. Digimon and Pokemon may have similar monsters and appear similar but, with the monsters they are ...

Which is Better? Pokemon, Digimon or Yu-Gi-Oh! | IGN Boards

Best TV show: Digimon Best Card Game: Yu-Gi-Oh Best video game: Pokemon I got to go with Pokemon though I like their world the best I still don't get why ...

8 Reasons Digimon Was A Better Show Than Pokemon ...

‘Digimon’ has always been stuck under the shadow of its more popular counterpart, ‘Pokemon’. Coming out two years after the juggernaut franchise ...

Which is Better "Pokemon or Digimon" - Mister Poll

Do you think that Pokemon copied Digimon or Digimon copied Pokemon, which ever works for you please do this poll to tell me because I am still confused!!!

which is better pokemon or digimon - The Lounge Forums

whats better? pokemon or digimon? tel me whats better and WHY please. i like pokemon more than digimon because its more fun and funny and entertaing.

Which came first, Digimon or Pokemon? The answer is obvious.

Since I have fed up with seeing people still wondering if Digimon came first or Pokemon ... maybe the later Digimon rpgs are better and more enjoyable than Digimon ...

Poll: Which is better-Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, etc?

Take this poll! Which is better-Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, etc? None. Hate them all. All of them are equal. Pokemon Digimon …

Which is better Pokemon or Digimon? (poll with statement ...

Remember when Digimon was actually just as much if not more popular than Pokemon? Tv show cards toys, games? Which do you think is the overall better series?

16 Reasons Why Digimon Is Obviously Better Than Pokémon

16 Reasons Why Digimon Is Obviously Better Than Pokémon. Let’s just all accept the truth.

What's better, Pokemon or Digimon? [+Mettaur Sucks] =3 ...

Personally I think that the creatures on Digimon are waaaay cooler looking. Plus they speak rather than make some lame noise, like "Pikachuuuu".

Opening a Digimon Animated Series Pack! What Was Better ...

When Digimon was getting big, did you think it was getting bigger than Pokémon? I did! Nothing would beat Pokemon to me though! Digimon VS. Pokemon Tags ...

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