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The Torah is Judaism’s most important text. It is composed of the Five Books of Moses and also contains the 613 commandments (mitzvot) and the Ten Commandments. - Read more

Meaning and names Reading of the Torah The word "Torah" in Hebrew is derived from the root ירה, which in the hif'il conjugation means "to guide/teach ... - Read more

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What is Torah? How is a Torah Made? | Reclaiming Judaism

The Torah is not what it seems to be. It is much more than a collection of bible stories. Torah is the foundation text of Judaism, one of the most ancient of wisdom ...

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How to Use The Torah: Portion by Portion Q & A: What is included in The Torah: Portion by Portion? Each chapter covers a single weekly reading from the Torah and a ...

What is the Torah? - My Jewish Learning

The Torah (Hebrew for "the teachings") is the name given to the five books of Moses which come at the very beginning of the Bible.

Torah / Torah 101 / Mechon Mamre

Explains the concept of Torah and identifies the books of Jewish scriptures and other holy Jewish writings.

Torah PORTIONS | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions . What is the Torah? What is a Torah Portion? What is Torah Club? When Do I Study the Portion? What about Jesus? What is First Fruits of Zion?

Is the Torah a Pentateuch or Hexateuch? - TheTorah.com

The difference between a Pentateuch and the Hexateuch is about much more than whether the first unit of the Bible contains Joshua or not, and is comprised of five or ...

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What is the Torah? The Torah ; The Intellectual Devotional by David Kidder and Noah Oppenheim ; Read More What Is Torah? God, Torah, and the World; Torah Today;

Torah Definition - What is Torah - Glossary of Kosher Terms

The Torah, Judaism's most holy book, is the source of the Jewish Dietary Laws of Kashrut. Torah refers to both Written Torah (Five Books of Moses, Prophets, Writings ...


From this, we can understand that Yahshua means SALVATION and TORAH means INSTRUCTION. Therefore, the Torah was NEVER meant by Yahweh to be a means of


What Is Torah? - aishcom

No word in the Jewish religion is so indefinable and yet so indispensable as the word Torah. Torah is the most comprehensive term for the substance of Judaism.

What Is the Torah? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK

In Orthodox Judaism, it is believed that not only the overall message of the Torah is important, but the actual words and even seemingly minor markings all ...

BBC - Religions - Judaism: The Torah

What is the Torah? The Torah is the first part of the Jewish bible. It is the central and most important document of Judaism and has been used by Jews through the ages.

What is a Torah Scroll? - Askmoses.com - Torah, Judaism ...

When the Torah is held aloft in the synagogue we say, “This is the Torah that Moses set before the Jewish people...” 2. We mean it, almost literally: this scroll.

Tora – Wikipedia

Begriffsbestimmung Die fünf Bücher als Tora . Das hebräische Wort Tora bedeutet Weisung, jedoch wird der Begriff Tora in vielen Bedeutungen gebraucht.

What Is Torah? - Beyond Wisdom - Essentials

What’s so special about it? “If someone tells you there is wisdom among other peoples, believe him . . . If someone tells you there is Torah among other peoples ...

What is the Torah? - GotQuestions.org

What is the Torah? Is the Torah the same thing as the Pentateuch? Is the Torah more important than the rest of the Old Testament?

Torah - Judaism 101

The word "Torah" is a tricky one, because it can mean different things in different contexts. In its most limited sense, "Torah" refers to the Five Books of Moses ...

FFOZ | What is Torah? - Welcome to First Fruits of Zion

What is Torah and the Torah cycle? The Torah is an ancient scroll containing the first five books of the Bible, Genesis to Deuteronomy.

What does Torah mean? definition, meaning and ...

Definition of Torah in the AudioEnglish.org Dictionary. Meaning of Torah. What does Torah mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word ...

What is Torah?: Torah Study Response on Ask the Rabbi

What is the literal meaning of the word Torah? Some I’ve asked have conjectured it means “The Book” or Hebrew

What is Torah Study - Torah Study

In its narrowest sense it is the study of the Torah itself, the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

What Is a Torah Portion? - EzineArticles

Torah portions are something that date all the way back to the days of the apostles. A Torah portion, or parsha, which is the Hebrew word for portion, is a weekly ...

What is the Pentateuch? - GotQuestions.org

What is the Pentateuch? Is the Pentateuch the same thing as the Torah? Is the Torah more important than the rest of the Old Testament?

What Is a Torah Portion in a Bar Mitzvah? | eHow

A child who is not able to learn to read the Torah portion can often work out a different role in the Torah reading. For example the child can be called up to say a ...

TORAHTOTS - ABOUT A SEFER TORAH - Torah Tots - The Site ...

The Parshiot are read, from the Sefer Torah, in order, each Shabbat throughout the year, in a yearly cycle which begins and ends on ...

What Is a Weekly Torah Portion? - EzineArticles

A weekly Torah portion is a division of the Torah itself that is done in weekly readings. These weekly readings are indeed very special for their own reasons.

What is the Torah - YouTube

This lecture is part of the series of lectures titled "The seventy most difficult questions in Judaism." In this lecture Rabbi Kin discusses the purpose of ...

BLESSED: ~WHAT IS TORAH?~ - blogspot.com

... one who throws the arrow, or a teacher, as one who points the way. The word torah is literally the teachings of the teacher or parent.

What is Torah? - torah g-d's wisdom - AskMoses.com

... the word Torah refers to what’s commonly known as The Five Books of Moses. "A Torah" is that handwritten parchment scroll in your synagogue’s ark.

Torah reading - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Origins and history of the practice . The introduction of public reading of the Torah by Ezra the Scribe after the return of the Judean exiles is described in ...

What Is the Jewish Holiday of Simchat Torah? - About Judaism

Simchat Torah marks the completion of the annual Torah reading cycle and is one of the most joyous holidays on the Jewish calendar.