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I'm a person who has the ability to think for myself. I don't agree with every republican view or every democratic view, but I'd say that I lean democrat.

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view more... My Hispanic Political View Continues for 1 more page s » Read full document. Full access is free for premium users. My Hispanic ...

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He fought me about my political views. b. He fought me over my political views ...

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Chris L You can call me a political junky. I am a member of the conservative underground. Also I am a well informed and well read individual who wants my country to ...

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My views my ideas ... I think what I am thinking is a funny thing for politician,it is a pure imagination, but one its implemented it would be one of the best thing ...

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Serious Business ... "Which party, in any country, are my political views similar to? I've yet to see a ..." · "You sound like a mainstream Democrat, if slightly ...

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My Political Views essays I consider myself to be a moderate ... After looking at the republican platform and comparing my views on the issues, whi. MegaEssays.com.

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Someone who saw my blog e-mailed me asking me about my political views. I think this is a fair thing to ask. I think everyone should have views.

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An essay or paper on My Political Views: A moderate to Strong Republican. I consider myself to be a moderate to strong republican. It took me a long time to realize ...




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I am not sure what my views are. I don't believe in socialism or liberalism as I am against political correctness. I don't like capitalism as the people are more ...

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Ok guys, I have always wondered about my political ideology. I have taken many many tests and I know for a fact that I am right-wing, but I want more than that.

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Geoffrey Landis summarizes his political views ... After long and hard thinking about politics, I have come up with a political philosophy.

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What are my political views quiz What Political Party Are You Quiz - What Political Party Fits Your Beliefs? Progress 88% "What political party do I belong to?"

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My first liberal belief is on the... ... My Political Views. StudyMode.com. Retrieved 05, 2008, from http://www.studymode.com/essays/My-Political-Views-148184.html

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Lately I’ve felt the need to update the My Political Views page here at Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde. My personal views haven’t changed much.

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Discover where you fall on the political. The Political Spectrum quiz is a special. These individuals signed up to see who matches their political views.

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Some people have really been expressive in their political views. This is what I think.

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Thejesh GN A Blog, A Website and A container for all my views with excerpts from technology, travel, films, india, photography, kannada, friends and other interests.

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A brief video on my current political views. For those who hate politics and have no interest in them. I suggest you check out my other videos or wait for ...

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I'm going to go ahead and edit this post with my updates for each category. Foreign policy: Defense policy: Tax policy: Fiscal policy: Monetary policy:

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My Political Views Last update: Nov. 11, 2011 (at bottom) Introduction (Oct. 2009) The ultimate criterion of a viable, working political and societal structure is ...

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I’m sometimes asked about my political view. What do I think about Japanese government not to help people ? The answer is nothing. Just like I don’t feel anything ...