What is Rhode Island's nickname?

What is an unofficial, descriptive name for Rhode Island, officially the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, the state in the New England region of the ... - Read more

Rhode Island State Nickname: Rhode Island became the 13th state in 1790 (see STATEHOOD ORDER). Rhode Island's state quarter features nickname "The Ocean State" with ... - Read more

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a to z the usa: Rhode Island State Day, Motto, and Nickname

Rhode Island has a history of independent thinking and behavior that preceded the American Revolution. ... Rhode Island's official nickname, ...

Rhode Island Map/Quiz Printout - EnchantedLearning.com

Rhode Island is in which part of the USA: northeast, northwest, southeast, ... What is the nickname of Rhode Island? _____ Enchanted Learning Search ...

Rhode Island Nickname The Ocean State Picture Of The Sea

Related Pictures rhode island nickname the ocean state picture of the sea

Rhode Island Nickname - Machine Embroidery Designs at ...

The Ocean State is Rhode Island's nickname. Welcome! Please sign in: Advanced Search. Alphabets Applique Borders and Corners Children and Nursery Christmas Crafty and ...

Rhode Island Map | Map of Rhode Island (RI)

Rhode Island map showing the major travel attractions including cities, points of interest, ... Nickname Ocean State . Capital Providence. Largest City Providence.

RI.gov: Government - Rhode Island

Indeed, one of Rhode Island's nicknames is "the Ocean State." ... like the nickname "Little Rhody," is in reference to Rhode Island's size. Land of Roger Williams: ...

The State of Rhode Island - An Introduction to the Ocean ...

An introduction to Rhode Island that includes information about the state capitol, how the state got its name, the state's nicknames, how the state citizens are ...

List of city nicknames in Rhode Island | Online references ...

References for "List of city nicknames in Rhode Island" online, at universities and in literature... cyclopaedia.net

Rhode Island - Lower Hudson Regional Information Center

Rhode Island’s real nickname is the "Ocean State" because it is on the Atlantic ... cabbage, squash, soybeans, and potatoes, which are Rhode Islands ...


What are nicknames for Rhode Island? - Evi

Who is an unofficial, descriptive name for Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, more commonly referred to as Rhode Island, the state in the New England region of ...

What is the nickname of Rhode Island?

Why is Rhode Island's nickname The Ocean State? Questions; Articles; Videos; Ask; Log In; Sign Up; Beauty; Cooking; Careers; Crafts; Entertainment; ...

What is Rhode Island Nickname?

Rhode Island is officially nicknamed "The Ocean State." It became a state on May 29, 1790. It is in the Eastern Time Zone. People from Rhode Island are called Rhode ...

Rhode Island Nickname And Motto

RHODE ISLAND NICKNAME. Rhode Island State NicknameExplorer giovanni de verrazano compared block island where you need to rateWriting quot coffee syrupDescribed by ...

Rhode Island State Name Origin, Rhode Island Nicknames

Origin of Rhode Island State Name. Rhode Island name taken from the Greek Island of Rhodes. This state was named by Dutch explorer Adrian Block. He named it "Roodt ...

Rhode Island <3 - Home

Rhode Island's state motto is "HOPE." It is also known as "The Ocean State." How did Rhode island get its name? ... How did Rhode Island get its nickname?

What is the nickname of Providence, Rhode Island? | Answerbag

What is the nickname of Providence, Rhode Island? The nickname of Providence, Rhode Island is Beehive of Industry, The Renaissance City, The Divine City ...

What is the nickname of Newport, Rhode Island? | Answerbag

The nickname of Newport, Rhode Island is City by the Sea, Queen of Summer Resorts , America's Society Capital.Source:... Ask; Answer; Leaderboard; Top; Recent;

Rhode Island - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rhode Island's official nickname is "The ... which he likened to the Ottoman island of Rhodes ... Rhode Island's primary airport for passenger and cargo ...

State Nick Name of Rhode Island - RI Nick Name

View RI Nick Name and history of the Nick Name of State of Rhode Island, USA

Why is Rhode Island's nickname The Ocean State?

Why is Rhode Island's nickname The Ocean State? Tags: rhode island

Rhode Island | Nicknames

Nicknames for Rhode Island. Add your state nicknames to the list, and leave your comments.

Rhode Island's nickname - crossword puzzle clue

Clue: Rhode Island's nickname. Rhode Island's nickname is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 1 time. There are related clues (shown below).

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Rhode Island's founder was Roger ... spotted Block Island and said that it was similar to the Mediterranean island of Rhodes. ... the nickname Little Rhody is ...

Rhode island nickname - Pinterest

Silhouette Online Store - View Design #27004: rhode island nickname | See more about rhode island, silhouettes and islands.

List of city nicknames in Rhode Island - Wikipedia, the ...

This partial list of city nicknames in Rhode Island compiles the aliases, sobriquets and slogans that cities, towns, and villages in Rhode Island are known by (or ...

Rhode Island State Motto and Nickname for kids ***

The Constitution of Rhode Island The constitution of Rhode Island establishes the basic rights of its citizens and echoes the words and sentiments of the motto.

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