What is the name of the pole star?

A pole star is a visible star, preferably a prominent one, ... Cynosura, from a time before it was the pole star, from its Greek name meaning "dog's tail" ... - Read more

Learn about why the North Star got its name, ... The North Star, also called the Pole Star ... degree of true north, but at other times the North Star has been and ... - Read more

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Virtual Star Explorer - Astronomy Games For Kids ...

Virtual Star Explorer. ... nose is pointed in the direction of Earth's north pole. Interpreting Star Data ... to scroll through the star names.

The Constellations - Enchanted Learning Software

It circles the pole star throughout the year and also straddles the Milky Way. The five ... Crux is the scientific name of the Southern Cross constellation.


DHRUVA THE ANCIENT INDIAN POLE STAR 27 sa vai bhrâmayate nityam candrâdityau grahaih. saha | bhramantamanugacchanti naks.atrân.i ca cakravat || (Ch 22. v5, 6,7)

How to Find the South Celestial Pole – One Minute Astronomer

... the imaginary point in the sky directly above the Earth’s south pole, coincides with no bright star, ... how to find the south celestial pole ... First Name ...

(1a) The Celestial Sphere - The Sky Above Us

Introduction to the celestial sphere and ... The existence of a bright star near the north celestial pole is just a ... The names we use today came ...

T'Pol – Memory Alpha, das Star-Trek-Wiki

Während ihrer Arbeit deckt T'Pol ein Mädchen namens Nadine, ... Star Trek und alle verbundenen Begriffe und Namen sind Markenzeichen von Paramount Pictures und ...


... but on the globe you can see it again that Makkah would be in the direction of North Pole, ... The famous Pole Star ... Astronomers name it "Ursa Major," Latin ...

Star – Wikipedia

Star steht für: Stare, eine artenreiche Vogelfamilie, ... Star TV (Begriffsklärung), verschiedene Fernsehanbieter unter dem Namen Star TV; englisch für: Stern, ...

Star Tales – Ursa Minor - Ian Ridpath

Cynosura was still in use as an alternative name for Ursa Minor in Tycho Brahe’s star catalogue published in ... this latter star was the pole star of its time. ...


The North Star: How to Find Polaris - Space.com

Polaris (the North Star) sits directly above the ... the North Star, which goes by the name of ... If you were at the North Pole, the North Star would be directly ...

Thuban is a former Pole Star | Brightest Stars | EarthSky

Past and future pole stars. Indeed, Thuban at times made a better pole star than our modern Polaris. Various sources claim that Thuban almost exactly pinpointed the ...

The North Star - MoonPhases.info

The North Star, often coined as the Pole Star, ... The North Star’s other name the Pole Star is given due to the geographic location, ...

Finding the Pole Star - NASA

The flag also shows how the north star can be found. Imagine a line connecting the two stars at the front of the "dipper", continue it on the side where ...

Star Names - University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

Star names are either of ancient origin, ... Arcturus means "bear driver," as this brilliant star follows the Greater Bear around the pole.

Polaris is the North Star | Brightest Stars | EarthSky

History of Polaris. Polaris hasn’t always been the North Star and won’t remain the North Star forever. For example, a famous star called Thuban, in the ...

"Last of the Summer Wine" Pole Star (TV Episode 1991) - IMDb

Last of the Summer Wine episodes. a list of 261 titles created 05 Oct 2011 ... Title: Pole Star (29 Nov 1991) 7.3 /10. Want to share IMDb's ...

polestar (astronomy) -- Encyclopedia Britannica

polestar, also spelled pole star, ... There is no bright star near the south celestial pole; ... then enter the article name or term you'd like to link to in the ...

Pole | Define Pole at Dictionary.com

Finding the north celestial pole see also north star and pole star. ... another name for rod (sense 7) 4. (horse racing, mainly US & Canadian)

Is there a "South Star"? - Curious About Astronomy? Ask an ...

Is there a "South Star"? What is the name of the south star? ... The only star that comes close is Sigma Octans, which is 1 degree away from the South Celestial Pole.

North pole | Define North pole at Dictionary.com

North pole definition ... about 1° from the North Star; the north celestial pole ... magnetically the opposite of what their names suggest; this is why the north end ...

How to Find the North Star - Survival Topics

Where is the North Star? ... its astronomic name. When you are facing the North Star you are looking ... the Big Dipper is located just north of the celestial pole.

What Are White Giant Stars? | eHow

What Are White Giant Stars?. A white, giant star is an ... He used Greek letters to name the brightest star in a given ... it keeps as close to the pole star as a ...

Neutron Stars and Pulsars - Introduction - Imagine The ...

Neutron Stars and Pulsars ... Hence the name "neutron star". ... The material is funneled onto the neutron star at its magnetic poles.

Highlights | City of North Pole, Alaska

The City of North Pole is a Home Rule ... Major employers: Flint Hills LLC, Petro Star ... subdivided it and named it North Pole. The name was selected to ...

Interesting Facts About the North Star - Bright Hub

The northern pole star is known by various names, including Golden Peg, Evil Star and The Star That Does Not Walk. Here are some more interesting facts ...

What Stars Are in the Southern Sky? | eHow

What Stars Are in the Southern Sky?. There is a rich star field to be seen in the southern latitudes. ... The name of the star means "heart of Charles" in Latin, ...

What is Polaris? - wiseGEEK

What is Polaris? On This Page. 7 Links ... The name of Polaris derives, ... There is no real Southern pole star like there is Polaris for the North pole ...

For Visitors | City of North Pole, Alaska

The Story of North Pole. ... which had been the official name since 1949, to North Pole. ... Mistletoe, Holiday Rd., Saint Nicholas Drive, North Star Drive, Blitzen, ...

What is the meaning of the 7-pointed star?

What is the meaning of the 7-pointed star? ... which points to the North Star or the Pole star, ... Choose a User Name: Your Email Address:

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