What is the value of a 1945 silver dollar?

Any United States silver dollar with a 1945 date is a forgery. The United States Mint did not make silver dollars in 1945. They halted production of Peace ... - Read more

The minimum 1945 half dollar value is $9.47 and it rises and falls with the price of silver. - Read more

Discussion about What is the value of a 1945 silver dollar?

What is the value of a 1945 silver dollar? resources

Value of Silver Dollars - Silver Coin Values

... quarter and half dollar. A chart with the value of silver dollars in the seated liberty design is being compiled now. (Silver Dollar Sale Value chart)

What Is The Value Of A 1804 Liberty Silver Dollar? - Blurtit

... fake 1804 Liberty Silver Dollars are only worth around $20, ... When it comes to estimating the value of an 1804 Liberty Silver Dollar, ...

Coinflation - Current Melt Value Of Coins - How Much Is ...

Silver Value: Silver % of Face Value: 1942-1945 Nickel ** $0.05: $1.1742: 2348.45%: 1916-1945 Mercury Dime: $0.10: $1.5097: 1509.71%: ... the silver Ike dollar weighs ...

What Is The Worth Of Silver Dollars

The 1945 dime has a mint mark if any at the bottom of the reverse near the E in one. ... Liberty Silver Dollars? What is the value of a 1891, 1899, ...

Silver Melt Value of Coins - About.com Coins

Silver Melt Value of Coins Current Intrinsic Metal Value of U.S. Silver Coins. By James Bucki, About.com Guide. This page lists the current intrinsic or ...

what is the value of a 1929 silver dollar

Askville Question: what is the value of a 1929 silver dollar : Collecting. Categories

Silver Coin Melt Values with Live Silver Prices - Coinflation

... (40% silver half-dollars). The values below only reflect the silver value, ... 1916-1945 Mercury Dime: $0.10: $1.5205: 1946-1964 Roosevelt Dime: $0.10:

What Is The Value Of Silver Dollars | American Eagle ...

1921 S Morgan Silver Dollar Face Value: 1.00 USD Total Produced: 21,695,000 ** Silver Content: 90% Extra Info: ...

AnswerParty | What is the value of a silver dollar?

What is the value of a silver dollar? | The value of a silver dollar depends on the type of coin and the year it was issued. AnswerParty on! Home /


How Much Is A 1945 Silver Half Dollar Coin Worth? - Blurtit

1945 is a common date for Walking Liberty halves. As of 01/2010 Numismedia lists retail values of $8 to $9 for coins in average circulated condition, regardless of ...

What Are My Old Silver Coins Worth? | eHow

From mid-1942 until 1945, the U.S. government made nickels out of 35 percent silver. ... How to Determine the Real Value of Old Silver Dollars.

1945 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value | CoinTrackers

Type: Walking Liberty Half Dollar Year: 1945 Mint Mark: No mint mark Face Value: 0.50 USD Total Produced: 31,502,000 Silver Content: 90% Silver Weight:.3617 oz.

Coin Collecting: PRICE OF HALF DOLLAR, standard catalog of ...

WHAT IS THE VALUE ON A 1945 AND 1943 LIBERTY FIFTY CENT? AND 2 1964 SILVER FIFTY CENT. ... Million Dollar Nickel ...

What is the value of a 10 dollar silver certificate ...

What is the value of a 10 dollar silver certificate? Most $10 silver certificates are worth face value or slightly more, depending on their condition and ...

1945 Silver Dollar | Old Coins For Sale

silver dollars for sale 1945; value of 1945 silver dollar; What is a 1945 silver dollar selling for toda? which silver dollar coin was minted in 1945?

Silver Coin Values | Today's up to the Minute Value

Silver nickels were minted dating 1942 through 1945 and have a 35% silver content. ... The minimum you should expect for any silver dollar is a value close to, ...

What Is The Value Of A 1940 Silver Dollar? - Blurtit

What Is The Value Of An 1892 Silver Dollar With A Mint Mark Of CC? Collecting. ... What's 1977 Silver Dollar Value? What Is My 1945 Canadian Penny Worth?

Ask A Question About Silver Dollar Coin Value? - Blurtit

... I have 2 silver dollars dated 1921 with the eagle on the back.They look ... What's 1977 Silver Dollar Value? ... How Much Is A 1945 Silver Half Dollar Coin Worth?

How Much Is a One Dollar Silver Liberty Coin Worth? | eHow

Liberty silver dollar coins were minted by the U.S. government off and from 1794 to 1935, ... What is the Value of Uncirculated Silver Dollars?

What is the value of an 1885 Morgan dollar? - FAQ

Answer: The value of a 1885 Morgan dollar is between $21 (very fine) up to . $2000 (uncirculated) ... If the Morgan silver dollar has mintmark CC ...

Morgan Dollar Coin Values and Prices - About.com Coins

Morgan Silver Dollar Values & Prices How Much Is My Morgan Silver Dollar Worth? By James Bucki, About.com Guide

Value Of Silver Dollar Coins | silvercoinsmart.com

... bargain in the silver dollar coins of your interest. Interested individuals will also be able to find guides regarding silver dollar values for specific coins.

what is the value of a 1935 silver certificate dollar bill ...

A silver dollar contains about 3/4 of an ounce of pure silver. ... Can silver certificates be redeemed somewhere for its "silver" value? The answer is no, ...

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