What makes a person smart?

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What makes a person smart? - CafeMom

In your opinion, what makes a person a *smart* person? What makes a dumb person? Do you think you're smart?

So...what makes a person smart? Are you smart? Why?

i think if they KNEW what makes people smart, they would have patented it and sold it and became millionaires. but, the only thing they can do it MEASURE intelligence ...

What makes a person 'smart' ? [Archive] - Straight Dope ...

Straight Dope Message Board > Main > In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) > What makes a person 'smart' ? PDA. View Full Version : ... What do you think makes someone "smart"?

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What Makes a Person Rich? | One Smart Dollar

A few years ago I ran across this comic. I chuckled at the humor and shared it with my colleagues (I work in a financial services office so we see this sort of thing ...

What Makes a Person Creative Or Brilliant Vs Intelligent ...

In reality a smart person would do very well on tests, ... What Makes a Person Creative Or Brilliant Vs Intelligent Or Smart? EzineArticles.com.

What makes a person to be a street smart? - Rediff ...

His attitude,looks,brain,personal developement and financial position

What characteristics makes a person SMART? | Japan Forum

What characteristics, in your opinion, make a person SMART? When you tell someone s/he is smart, or when someone tells you you are smart, what does it...

What Makes a Smart Person Cool in College? | Dr. Ali Binazir

For the past seven years, I've been running an event for the local Harvard Club where recent graduates of Harvard College give their best advice to ...


What makes a person smart? - Quora - Quora - Your Best ...

Smartness means " having mental alertness and calculation and resourcefulness as manifested in being quick and witty" Basic step to being smart is "Knowledge'.

What makes a person 'smart' to you? How do you define ...

What makes a person 'smart' to you? How do you define 'smart'? Sensible, logical, centered, detached, unemotional, focused, fair and modest. Anyone who ...

What, physically, makes a person smart? - Quora

In order to clear things up on this question, I'm not looking for a way to know how smart a person is by looking at them, per se. I'm wondering about things in our ...

What makes a person Smart? | Abi Bellamkonda: Impossible ...

You often see people call some wow she/he is smart and he/she is dumb. But what is it that makes a person smart. A smart person can solve their problems ...

Annalog: Teacher Annalog: What Makes a Person Smart?

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What makes a person smart and can you look at some one and ...

Answer #2 I think you can look at some one and take a educated guess, because when it comes down to it every one has met a lot of smart and stupid people ...

NationStates • View topic - What makes a person "Smart"?

What makes a person "Smart"? In my opinion, ... The faster someone is able to learn new things in general, the smarter that person is. It doesn't get any simpler.

To you, what makes a person "smart"? Is it the ...

To you, what makes a person "smart"? Is it the intellectual capacity or something greater or far less superior than that.?

What makes a person smart? - What Do You Think ...

Are people just born smart or do they have study hard to get smart? Are the people that study the hardest the smartest or do you think it comes down the genes and ...

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OneSidedBattle wrote:I know. It used to be all straight A's means your smart. Now it's simply knowing not to poke the angry bear with a stick or something ...

What makes a person smart [Archive] - INTJ Forum

[Archive] What makes a person smart General Psychology ... How would you recite 63 numbers of pi, but then realize you got a number wrong?

What Exactly Makes a Person Smart? | Write From Karen

What exactly makes a person smart? ... A smart person has the ability to look at all sides of an issue and then come to a rational, and logical, conclusion.

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