What middle name for Alfie ?

OH and I are more or less decided on calling LO Alfie but what do you think are nice middle names to go with it? Last name begins with a B and is one syllable. - Read more

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My husband REALLY LOVES the name Alfie, and it's starting to grow on me. I am a huge Freddie fan but he hates it, and he also hates Monty,so I was really surprised he ...

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Alfie: Learn name meaning, origin, characteristics, ... At the end of the Middle Ages, the name would become rare until a later revival in the 19th century.

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Find the meaning and origin of the name Alfie at Bounty.com. Skip to main content. Advertisement. ... Popular middle names. Nathan; Lucas; Tyler; Kian; Jayden; Joshua ...

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With thousands of names in our handbook, choosing the right one just got easier! ... Alfie is on other name lists British Baby Boy Names. Parents Are Talking

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The name Alfie is a baby boy name. The name Alfie comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Alfie is: ... Choosing a good middle name

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English: occupational name for a worker in metal, from Middle English smith (Old English smið, probably a derivative of smītan ‘to strike, hammer’).

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English (chiefly East Anglia): patronymic from the Middle English personal name Rand(e) (see Rand 1).

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Middle english; Cherokee; More. Your Favourite Names. Boy's Name - A - Alfie. Home »»Boy's Name - A - Alfie. Alfie. Meaning - Pet form of alfred, wise judge ...

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Hello I’m Georgian (20) I have been married 3 years and two weeks ago me and my Husband Alfie found out that our twins are Girl/Boy twins we have picked Nyla for ...


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We really need help with a middle name for Alfie, we dont want the usual James Jay Jack John Matthew Oliver. You know where. Login / Register; Search. Home; Menu ...

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Post subject: Middle name for Alfie? We're almost definitly calling our little guy Alfie but we can't think of a middle name.. any ideas girls?

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Other ways this question is asked: what is alfie boe's middle name? alfie boe middle names

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"Alfie" is a the name of a film from 1966 starring Michael Caine as the ... you'll regret it and your child will end up using its middle name the rest of its ...

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The baby boy name Alfie is of English origin. Alfie meaning, Alfie popularity, ... English names generally consist of a given name, middle name and family name.

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Alfie needs a middle name! All Forums Forum FAQ Forum Guidelines Forum Search. AskBaby Talk > Baby Names > Alfie needs a ... Well Liam is his dads middle name, ...

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... Meaning of Names is the place to come for the best resources for Names that contain 'alfie' ... African/Middle Eastern Asian/Pacific Names European/Russian Names

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Despite me being overdue he has yet to come up with middle name ... Alfie 17) Luke 18) Matthew 19) Ethan 20) Lewis Failing that, have you travelled?

We are calling our new baby Alfie, can you suggest a ...

We are calling our new baby Tilly, can you suggest a middle name that suits the first?

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The name Alfie means Diminutive of Alfred: Sage, ... African/Middle Eastern ... Names - Meaning of Alfie ...

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Middle names 4 skye. Hi all, Im stuck, ... If a boy, thats sorted going to be Alfie James Simpson... that was easy lol. All suggestions considered. Many thanx

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... I'm going to call her Maisie Faye (Faye being her middle name). ... much like Alfie or poppy. ... the name Maisie is very uncommon in the US.

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Popularity of name Alfie. Information about Alfie. Toggle navigation. Search Names. All Baby Names; Baby Boy ... Middle Names; Advanced Search; Browse Names. Baby boy ...