What month did Eichi Sakurai (full moon) die in?

Full moon Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute ... Eichi Sakurai, ... Mitsuki was forbidden to sing but she'd rather die so she can sing. (Read More ... - Read more

She chooses the stage name "Full Moon" because it reminds her of Eichi, ... a few months after he moved. Despaired, Mitsuki ... Eichi Sakurai Edit. Eichi is Mitsuki's ... - Read more

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What month did Eichi Sakurai (full moon) die in? resources

Full Moon Wo Sagashite ~ Anime - Cosplay & Beyond

Searching for the Full Moon starring a 12 year old girl named Mitsuki Koyama. ... discovering that the two will die within one year just because of ... Eichi Sakurai ...

List of Full Moon o Sagashite episodes - Wikipedia, the ...

The series is an adaptation of the manga Full Moon Wo ... DVDs under the title Full Moon (although the full title ... name "Eichi Sakurai" has appeared ...

Characters - Fullmoon

Full Moon Chat; Characters; ... Full Moon, which had many single hits. ... Eichi Sakurai was Mitsuki's best friend when they were at the orphanage.

Full Moon manga - Characters - Encyclopedia II | Global ...

Full Moon manga - Humans. Mitsuki Koyama (神山満月 Kōyama Mitsuki) The : Home ... Eichi Sakurai (桜井英知 ... just as Mitsuki later did.

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Eichi Sakurai. Eichi Sakurai was ... who did a music video with her back when he was a singer in the band Route L. ... Mitsuki Kouyama/Full Moon.

Full Moon wo Sagashite - Fun Facts, Questions, Answers ...

... (also meaning full moon) ... Eichi Sakurai. ... Did you find these entries particularly interesting, ...

I love music: Full Moon wo Sagashite - blogspot.com

She made a promise with Eichi Sakurai, ... Full Moon Full Moon is the ... (if someone comes to see one that means it will die shortly, ...

Full moon wo sagashite [[manga AMV]] - YouTube

Okay so this is my first video in like 4 months so i ... Sakurai parte 2/3 manga español full moon wo ... Eichi Sakurai parte 1/3 manga español full ...

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Full Moon Sort by: with ... Sakurai Eichi ~ pearldragon. ... Silence ~ Sailor Rose. Eichi ~ Rzeznik. Hi there friend! Register free or login! Login to theOtaku.com.


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