What phobia is the fear of things that are asymmetrical?

Those who fear asymmetrical things may lead overly ordered lives, ... The fear of bees is a common phobia and has its roots in many diverse sources. - Read more

What is Asymmetriphobia? Asymmetriphobia is the fear of asymmetrical things. What is Asymmetriphobia also known as? Asymmetriphobia is also known as: - Read more

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Bored.com - Phobias

Fear of being touched. (Haphephobia) ... Fear of asymmetrical things. Ataxiophobia: ... The phobias listed on this site have been collected from these webpages.

Trypophobia - Fear of Holes | Today hot news

... name of this fear: trypophobia, derived from the Greek word where trypa means hole and phobia means fear. ... like this is a phobia when the actual thing that it ...

List of All Phobias and their Meanings - Buzzle

A phobia is an unreasonable fear of ... It is an unusual fear of asymmetrical, ... Those people who possess the fear of things to the left side of the body ...

Interesting Facts About Phobias - Health Guide Info

Some facts about phobias inspire fear themselves, ... Asymmetriphobia, the fear of asymmetrical things; Aulophobia, the fear of flutes; Chromophobia, ...

Fears and Phobias: What are you afraid of? | ILU English

Do fears and phobias hound you? From the fear of insects to that of ... “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. ... asymmetrical things. Ataxiophobia:

Phobias....there's one for everything, what's yours?

... but there seems to be a phobia for just ... is there a reason/event for the fear? Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or ... Fear of asymmetrical things.

Trypophobia and cause disease, Phobia Of Small Holes ...

... is defined as the fear of trypophobia small hole or asymmetrical ... recognize the condition as a real phobia. ... the things that trigger disgust ...

The Indexed Phobia List

Asymmetrical things- Asymmetriphobia ... (fear of being evaluated negatively in social situations) ... [Phobia Notes & Credits] [Fear Quotes]

YourForum > What Are You Afraid Of?

asymmetriphobia: asymmetrical things ataxiophobia: ataxia ... Agoraphobia, one of the most common phobias, involves the fear of open places.


Asymmetriphobia - asymmetrical fear, asymmetrical phobia ...

Note: If you are going to do a search, some common Asymmetriphobia search terms include Asymmetriphobia, asymmetrical fear, asymmetrical phobia, asymmetrical things ...

CTRN: Change That's Right Now | Phobia of Asymmetrical Things

PHOBIA OF ASYMMETRICAL THINGS: (asymmetriphobia and fear of asymmetrical things) 1: phobia of asymmetrical things: a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of ...

Symmetrophobia - symmetrical fear, symmetrical phobia ...

Symmetrophobia is also the opposite of Asymmetriphobia (fear of asymmetrical things). ... symmetrical things phobia, fear of symmetrical things, ...

CTRN: Change That's Right Now | Fear of Asymmetrical Things

Fear of asymmetrical things significantly improved, maybe even gone within a day; ... – Fear Of Asymmetrical – Phobia Of Asymmetrical Things

Asymmetriphobia - List Phobias

Asymmetriphobia is another phobia where the sufferer has a fear of asymmetrical things. These people are generally methodical people, and

Asymmetriphobia- Fear of asymmetrical things | Phobia Source

Asymmetriphobia is one other phobia the place the sufferer has a worry of asymmetrical things. These individuals are generally methodical people, and when they find ...

Asymmetriphobia - Fear Of Asymmetrical Things

Other Names . Asymmetrical Fear Asymmetrical Phobia Asymmetrical Things Fear Asymmetrical Things Phobia Asymmetriphobia Asymmetry Fear Asymmetry Phobia

PHOBIA: Living in Constant Fear: Asymmetriphobia: The Fear ...

Asymmetripobia is the abnormal and persistent fear of asymmetrical things. This phobia usually affects people who are extremely methodical and always have to have ...

Phobias - Trypophobia | Fear of holes

Do you know what a phobia is? Well, it is an irrational fear of a certain object or situation in which a ... which is on asymmetrical cluster and it has things into ...

What is Fear - Fear of Holes - Trypophobia

Some phobias are minimal. The only thing is ... asymmetrical cluster and it has things into ... friends have been afflicted by trypophobia, having that fear of ...

The Phobia List

A listing of phobia terms and their meaning.

How To Cure Necrophobia? - Eliminate Phobia and Fear Now ...

Necrophobia is the fear of death or it is the fear of dead things. ... Infrequent and asymmetrical heart beat . ... Necrophobia Disclaimer Phobia Fear Release Home .

Asymmetriphobia - Fear of asymmetrical things..... - a ...

A phobia is a strong, persistent fear of situations, objects, activities, or persons. There are hundreds and hundreds. This blog will list them all.

Strange (but funny) Phobias... - HubPages

Asymmetriphobia - Fear of asymmetrical things; Xerophobia - Fear of dryness; ... the name of the phobia for the fear of a duck watching you is called ornithophobia.

Hypnotherapy for Phobias - Hypnotherapy Directory

Phobias are extremely common and hypnotherapy can help to identify the root cause of the phobia. ... (fear of asymmetrical things) ...

Fear Of Being Dirty | FearOfStuff.com - Overcome Phobias ...

Fear of Asymmetrical Things In ... The fear of bees is a common phobia and has its roots in many diverse sources. The more common name for this fear is Apiphobia ...

The Most Unusual Phobias - EzineArticles

... unusual phobias I ... fear of asymmetrical things. At first it doesn't appear too worrying until you remember that lots of things in the world are asymmetrical ...

What is Trypophobia? ~ Latest Newz - blogspot.com

Trypophobia is the fear of holes and asymmetrical ... A phobia is an irrational fear, ... often times with things in them.” Do YOU Have Trypophobia? ...

Fears & Phobias | - Intomeyousee

... and fear is a survival instinct which warns us against certain things or situations. A phobia, on the other hand, ... (fear of asymmetrical things) ...

10 Of The Most Unusual Phobias - ArticlesBase.com

Here are some of the most unusual phobias I've come across: Chionophobia. This is the fear of snow. ... This one is the fear of asymmetrical things.

Fears And Phobias Causes Symptoms Treatment ...

Specific Phobias – fear of a single, ... Asymmetriphobia – Fear of asymmetrical things. Ataxiophobia – Fear of ataxia (muscular incoordination) Ataxophobia ...

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