What's wrong with my Ipod?

Apple! I need help> Okay so, I have an iPod touch the original model and iv'e been using it for quite some time now and never had a single problem. - Read more

whats wrong with my ipod touch?? ... Whats On My IPOD ;D by Beranda Brunette 3,214 views; ... What's wrong with my iPod? - Read more

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Whats wrong with my iPod? | iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch ...

I can help you with this.) The headphone jack is broken (it happened with my iPod 1st Gen, the connectors have worn out) - well that or your headphones ...

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Whats wrong with my ipod? iPod. Got a tip for us? Let us know . Front Page; Mac Blog; iOS Blog; Roundups . AirPort; Apple Pay; Apple TV ...

What’s Wrong With My iPod? | copyrighteous

Last November I wrote about an iPod liberation party we held in Cambridge. As I mentioned then, it was a huge success. Mika just got around to polishing up a short ...

Music & Music Players :: What's Wrong With My Ipod?

My Ipod Touch (4th Generation; iOS 6.1) has been acting really weird lately?/: First of all, almost all of my apps crash a lot. According to my settings, I have no ...

What's wrong with my iPod? - Overclock.net

Somethings going on with my iPod, it's the 60 GB iPod Classic, 5th gen? I dont really know. But heres the problem, whenever im adding music to it, it suddenly ...

Video: What's Wrong With My iPod? [LWN.net]

Posted Mar 17, 2007 16:21 UTC (Sat) by abovett (subscriber, #13139) Interesting film, but I doubt if I will be showing it to my iPod owning friends.

WHATS wrong with my ipod | iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch ...

i was setting up my categories and my ipod froze. then it turned off. now it wont turn on and when i plug it in nothing happens....what do i do??

Whats wrong with my iPod Touch 4G?! - JailbreakQA

I followed the steps on how to hactivate my iPod Touch 4G to iOS 5 and when I turn it on, my Cydia, iMessage, and FaceTime won't work, some of my apps won't work, and ...

What's wrong with my ipod? - Mac Forums

My ipod is fully charged, and the problem is is that when I play a song I don't hear anything although the volume is up at it's highest. What's wrong


Whats wrong with my Ipod - YouTube

My ipod Touch 2nd Gen doesn't work anymore. Has anyone else had this problem?

whats wrong with my ipod nano | Apple Support Communities

Welcome to Apple Discussions! Try restoring your iPod... Restore iPod Then update your iPod with iTunes again and put your music back onto your iPod. btabz

Whats wrong with my ipod?!?!? : iPod

my ipod died the other day and wont come back on , its just stuck on the loading screen for the past day . every ...

Whats wrong with my iPod ? : iPod

Related topics Replies Views Last post; Whats wrong with my ipod?!?!? by zared » Thu Mar 21, 2013 11:17 am 2 Replies 153 Views Last post by verddun Thu Mar 21, 2013 ...

Whats wrong with my ipod..? : iPod - Apple Fanatic

Related topics Replies Views Last post; My ipod wont come back on AT ALL the screen is blank whats should i do? and whats wrong with it? by ezera » Thu Dec 10, 2009 ...

What is wrong with my iPod classic? : iPod - Apple Fanatic

Related topics Replies Views Last post; Something is wrong with my iPod Classic? by rodolfo » Sun May 22, 2011 3:10 pm 1 Replies 125 Views Last post by iago

What Is Wrong With My iPod Nano 5th Generation If It Won't ...

If you are having issues with your iPod nano, including inability to restore, you can put it in disk mode. Disk mode is a setting designed specifically for solving ...

Whats wrong with my ipod classic??

Whats wrong with my ipod classic?? Main; NEWS; Ipad; iPhone. Using Iphone; Iphone Hardware; Iphone Enterprise; Iphone Accessories; Itunes. Itunes for Windows ...

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