When is the next Green Lantern movie coming out?

Greg Berlanti (screenplay), Michael Green ... Green Lantern (2011) ... Search | Site Index | In Theaters | Coming Soon | Top Movies | Top 250 | TV | News ... - Read more

Page 2- Green lantern movie possibly coming out in 2009! ... Given a sector next to Hal's to patrol while on probation he is the newest Green Lantern in the universe. - Read more

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Green Lantern Comes Out Of The Closet - Cinema Blend

... the original Green Lantern, will officially come out of the closet ... As for how this might affect any future movies, ... Ellen Page Coming Out Does ...

The Mystery Is Over | DC Comics

... BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN ... you heard rumors coming out of KAPOW! Comic Con that a DC Comics character would be ... Appearing in next week ...

New villian threatens to go "Lights Out" on "Green Lantern"

At San Deigo Comic-Con International's Green Lantern ... go "Lights Out" on "Green Lantern" ... and then asked the world give the “Green Lantern” movie a second ...

New ‘Muppets’ Trailer Doles Out Green Felt Justice ...

"Green Lantern" may be poised to dominate the box office when it opens in theaters tomorrow, ... next; close; The Muppets Are ... 9 Movies We Love But Can ...

'Prometheus 2' Hires 'Green Lantern' Scribe; Coming Out in ...

'Prometheus 2' Hires 'Green Lantern' Scribe; Coming Out in ... 2 will be re-written by Green Lantern scribe Michael Green. ... Scott movie will debut which many ...

DC Comics Green Lantern Is Coming Out… Green Lantern Is ...

DC Comics Green Lantern Is Coming Out ... The change is revealed in the pages of the second issue of “Earth 2″ out next ... WorldStarHipHop Movie in ...

Why The New Green Lantern Movie Looks So Familiar ...

The trailer for next summer's Green Lantern movie hit the ... Green Lantern movie are like ... not copy other movies. If you want to stand out and avoid ...

Green Lantern Reviews - Metacritic

Green Lantern movie reviews ... but the Green Lanterns have ... Even by the standards of the current run of mediocre comic-book movies, this one stands out for its ...

Warners: ‘Green Lantern 2’ will be edgier; Flash has ...

In the green lantern movie, ... I saw the Green latern ... Well every hero has its day and when i say this movie was coming out i was like this is the SH ...


The Green Lantern (2010) - IMDb

Title: The Green Lantern (2010) 5.2 ... Home | Search | Site Index | In Theaters | Coming Soon | Top Movies | Top 250 | TV | News | Message Boards | Press Room

Green Lantern The Movie - YouTube

Well done to those who noticed that 'this summer' doesn't quite tally with 'coming ... check out my Green Lantern movie posters ... The Green Lanterns Of ...

Green Lantern Movie Trailer - YouTube

... The first Green Lantern movie trailer which stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan and ... Find out why Close . Green Lantern ... 9:40 History Of All The ...

GREEN LANTERN - greenlanternmovie.warnerbros.com/

In a universe as vast as it is mysterious, a small but powerful force has existed for centuries. Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the Green Lantern Corps.

6 Actors Who Should Play The Next ‘Green Lantern’

... so here are 6 Actors Who Could Play The Next Green Lantern. ... Although we'd still argue that a Green Lantern movie series that ... the studio is missing out.

Green Lantern (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The movie starts when it starts. We find out ... while Brian Austin Green, a Green Lantern ... DC Entertainment began releasing a series of Green Lantern Movie ...

Green lantern movie possibly coming out in 2009! - Page 3 ...

Green lantern movie possibly coming out in 2009! User Name: Remember Me? Password: Register: FAQ: ... "Those who feel the breath of sadness, sit down next to me,

First Look at ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer Footage

The first official footage of 'Green Lantern ... even when considering the film is not coming out until next summer. Green Lantern ... This movie may turn out ...

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights to be Next DC Animated Film

The title and possible storyline for Green Lantern's next installment ... animated venue with Green Lantern: ... more GL movies coming out we see ...

DC Comics Upcoming Movies & Marvel Comic Movies Coming Soon

It seems DC & Warner have not given up on the Green Lantern movie ... So when is The Avengers movie coming out? ... Two of Marvel Comic Movies Coming Soon! Next ...

Confirmed: Green Lantern Pulls Out of Australia ...

MOVIES. Film Database; Release Dates; Production Stills; The Weekend Warrior; Box Office Report; ... Confirmed: Green Lantern Pulls Out of Australia Source

"Just Seen The Green Lantern Trailer...Why Is He Not A ...

... (and green) team ... Green Lantern movie coming out. ... They making a green lantern movie and the main character is white ...

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