Where is bhargava gotra jathere?

Full text of "A glossary of the tribes and castes of the Punjab and North-West frontier province" - Read more

11 Bhargava Dhusar; 12 Bhatt; 13 Bhatti; 14 Bh... 15 Bi... 16 Bishnoi; 17 Bo... 18 Brahman; 19 Bu... Ba... [Page-31] ... and like them belongs to the Garg gotra. - Read more

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Where is bhargava gotra jathere? resources

Glossary of Caste in Punjab and NWFP - Scribd

their real gotra appears to be Kasib, ? bo Kushal, but Kishab or Keshav. tive in ...

Full text of "Yajnavalkya smriti. With the commentary of ...

Full text of "Yajnavalkya smriti. With the commentary of Vijnanevara called the Mitaksara and notes from the gloss of Balambhatta. Translated by Rai Bahadur Srisa ...


... to a Brahman named Ponnadiga of the Kausika- gotra. But tho graut was made, ... h lijs^jather in tlie govern- ment and also acted independently.


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