Where to Find an Editor?

occasional writings about editing & design ... I provide editing services, so you’ve found one editor* already! However, I may be already booked or lack experience ... - Read more

Hello there, Henry. Very informative post. I’d to throw my hat in the proverbial ring. My company, inWrite, offers copy editing and proofreading services for around ... - Read more

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Find An Editor Articles on articleslash.net, free Articles ...

How to Find an Editor or Ghostwriter November 20, 2007 You have a great idea but you need help. You aren't the world's greatest writer, but you know what makes a good ...

Find an editor for your Book | Write Your Own Book

A good place to find help with writing, editing and other re writing your book is from www.elance.com. ... How and Where to find a editor for your Book.

Where and how can I find an editor for a science fiction ...

Agents and publishers are increasingly willing to look at already edited manuscript and some now even prefer to (this is a recent development in book publishing).

Where to find an usable MPROG (OLC) editor piece for 2.4b6

Navigate to other messages within this thread Where to find an usable MPROG (OLC) editor piece for 2.4b6 Tiikuli; RE: Where to find an usable MPROG (OLC) editor piece ...

How to Find and Editor | Travel. Write. Live.

Last week, in response to How to Get on a Press Trip, a reader asked, “How would you suggest meeting said editors in the first place?” This is a great question.

SO&SO Co LLC :: Find an Editor

EDITORS WRITING COACHES: Lynn DeRocco DeRocco Editorial Services, LLC. lynndrc@comcast.net. Genre: General. More: Ghost Writer. Carol Purroy. cfppurroy@gmail.com

Find an Editor — The Christian PEN

If you’re a writer or publisher looking for a freelance editor, you’ve come to the right place! The Christian PEN is a group of freelance proofreaders and editors ...

Find an editor | South African Guild of Editors

Membership information is vetted by our accreditation team: Editors supply their own contact details and link to their IMDB profile. Editors are assigned membership ...

How to Find an Editor’s E-mail Address | The Renegade Writer

Cindy, it sounds like you have an important story. But to sell it. you’d need to learn the whole query writing process, figure out which magazines are best, sleuth ...


Where can I find an editor? | PEAVI.ca

PEAVI members have different areas of expertise. To find an editor that may be suitable for your project, you can: enter different keyword(s) on our Search Tool to ...

Where to find a book editor, who to trust, and how much to ...

An author asked me today for advice about finding a book editor or proofreader. This is a big, serious, important question. Getting your book edited is not only ...

How to Find an Editor - Buzzle

Figuring out how to find an editor is a vital part of any writer's publishing process. Different editors bring different techniques to the table; hence, it is crucial ...

How to find an Editor? FirstEditing - Professional editing ...

How to find an Editor. You have written your manuscript, essay, thesis, dissertation, author’s bio or play. Into this project you have poured time, effort, ...

Where to Find an Editor for Your Self-Published Book

One way to find a great book editor? Word of mouth. (Just make sure you ask the right mouth.)

Where can I find an editor for my ebook? - Warrior Forum

I also find the age requirement for an editor a strange request. It sounds more like you are looking for someone to correct any information that might not be sound.

How to Find an Editor - YouTube

Hi I'm Suzie Carr. Thanks for tuning in to my Writing Insights video series. In this video, I'm going to discuss how to find an editor. First let me start ...

SD/PEN : : Find an Editor

Find an editor in the San Diego Professional Editors Network. Search the SD/PEN editors database by services, specialties, or projects to find the editor best suited ...

How to Find an Editor: Do Your Due Dilligence | Erika ...

Thanks for sharing this, Erika. Hiring an editor for my novel has been nibbling at the back of my mind for a while now. I know I need to do it, even though I’m ...

Find an editor | Institute of Professional Editors Ltd

Accredited and distinguished editors. Accredited editors have demonstrated their professional competence and understanding of editing standards, skills and knowledge ...

How to Find an Independent Editor to Review Your Work ...

So, how exactly do you get an independent editor to check out your work? We’ve got a few tips for the search: Make sure you’re happy with what you’ve written.

Find an editor - Society of Editors (Queensland) Inc.

Editors are central to any publishing project; they endeavour to reconcile the needs of the author, the audience and the publisher.... The goal of editors, regardless ...

'Could Not Find An Editor For H (.) files' Error

I'm using Vista Business with Office 2003 (configured for Exchange) and when I go to change the signature in Mail Format Options then go to Advanced Edit, I get this ...

Find an Editor - Oxford University Press

Find an Editor on the Academic Oxford University Press website ... Find an Editor. To find an editor, please browse to the relevant discipline listed below.

Find an editor - Professional Editors' Group

Find an editor You can search our Directory of Members to find a language practitioner or submit a job specification to our internal jobs board.

What Do Editors Do?

The Society is a member of the Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd)

Editio Self-Publishing - Everything Editors...: Where do ...

This is a great place for people to list where they found editors who they really like.

How to Find PDF Editor | eHow

Go online to find PDF editors on websites such as Touch PDF, Nitro PDF and I Love PDF. On these websites, you can upload the PDF file you wish to edit, then rearrange ...

editor - Where to find a configuration file for ...

Where to find a configuration file for SourceInsight? The default configuration of the software makes the code even unreadable. Thanks.

What is an HTML editor and where to find one for free?

What is an HTML editor and what is its use? Definition and download links to free HTML editors for Windows operating system. Homepage Internet Basics.

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