which mod chip is better for ps3 fat?

I dont know whether i should buy a new slim or just buy a used fat ps3. what do you suggest? ... PS3 Slim or Fat ? Which is better? Options. Mark as New; Bookmark ... - Read more

PS3 FAT vs.. PS3 slim which one is better just wondering the fat one got the YLOD but the slim too early to tell if it has ... Playstation - Playstation 2 ... - Read more

Discussion about which mod chip is better for ps3 fat?

which mod chip is better for ps3 fat? resources

PS3 New and Old, Fat and Slim Compared - Tom's Guide

Looks better. PS3 was huge and was a fingerprint and dust magnet. ... So does the slim cost $300 or is that the old fat 80GB PS3? 3 Hide. ac21365 ...

Playstation Talk - Question to Sony: Why is the Fat PS3 ...

I would really like to get to the bottom of this. The update works fine on the fat ps3 that I've had for 4 years but I have to send in the slim. I show you ...

which is better? PS3 FAT OR SLIM - Hot UK Deals

which is better? PS3 FAT OR SLIM. Tweet; ollie321 posted 4 years, 3 months ago. just wondering if there is much difference between the 2 playstations?

Which is better, the Slim or Super Slim PS3 model ...

My fat PS3 is starting to show age. Frequent enough freezes to be annoying, not playing some games, etc. Which is the better model? Slim or the Super Slim?

PS3 PS Jailbreak Mod Best PlayStation 3 Mod. - YouTube

This PS3 mod is compatible with PS3 FAT and is ... The PSJailbreak Modchip allows you to store games on your PS3 and ... Playstation 3 - how to ...

XBOX 360 vs PS3 | Which Is Better? |

... XBOX controller due to its ‘fat’ and narrow design. Games Library PS3 ... vs ps3; xbox vs ps3; xbox 360; PS3 ... graphics; which is better xbox 360 or ps3;

PS3 Vs. PS3 Slim - Buzzle

Is the PS3 slim really better than the original PS3? Yes No. By ... My Fat PS3 died during load up of Crysis 2 and when I reinstalled the game on the slim I noticed ...

PS Jailbreak: How to Jailbreak Your PS3 Using USB?

In order to jailbreak your PS3 you need the following (1) Any FAT or SLIM PS3 Console running the firmware 3.41 above, (2) a PS3 Jailbreak Modchip, (3) ...

Playstation 2 Slim vs Original Playstation 2 | Pardon the ...

... Mexico, and China), 2 PsOne’s, 1 Ps2(fat), 1 Ps2(slim ... I’m also going to buy myself a Ps3 fat soon to. (the fat Ps3 runs better than the slim ...


PS3 Slim, or PS3 FAT? Help guys! which is better ...

so, if i gather enough money to buy another unit, which would you think is better? a Slim PS3 or another FAT? thanks guys, and also, ...

Ps3 Slim Vs Ps3 Fat - Gaming - Nairaland

The PS3 fat actually looks better than the ps3 slim and actually has more features than the ps3 slim. Check out youtube for ps3 slim and fat comparisons ...

PS3 Slim, or PS3 FAT? Help guys! which is better ...

... PS3 Slim, or PS3 FAT? Help guys! which is better? what's the difference? :) Options. Mark Message as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Subscribe to this message's RSS Feed;

Which is better for keeping a fat PS3 cool - laying down ...

... a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Which is better for keeping a fat PS3 cool ... but it feels like the PS3 is better off standing upright; ...

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