Which sentence is correct?

GRAMMAR: WHICH SENTENCE IS CORRECT? Select which one of the two sentences is grammatically correct from the pop up menu. - Read more

Present Simple For Habits and Routines >> Grammar Quiz - Instructions. Choose the answer you think is correct for each question. ... Which sentence is correct? - Read more

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I was taking an English test, and I needed to find which of the following sentences is correct. However, I couldn't recognize any mistake. To me,all of them are correct.

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Which one is correct? 1. When do we have a test? 2. When we have a test?

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English : Which of the sentences is correct? Which of the following sentences is correct? He left for America after a three-day state visit. Or

Which sentence is correct?

User: Which sentence is correct? Weegy: Sentence (linguistics), a grammatical unit of language VisTRA|Points 340| User: Which sentence is correct?

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Which sentence is correct? Select one of the options below as your answer: A. My father wanted to know who’s dirty shoes were left on the new living room carpet.

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Is the Sentence Correct? Make a choice by clicking on the radio button, then compare it with the correct answer hidden under the answer button.

Which sentence is correct? "Everybody knows each other" or ...

Which is correct and which sounds the best? 1) In a small town everybody knows each other. 2) In

Grammar: Which sentence is correct? - English Test

One is IS, two is CAN'T HAVE SEEN, three is TO REVEAL, four is WHAT MY NAME WAS, five is WERE, six is LITTLE, seven is PLAY AND WORK(Your sentence should be She'd ...

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Ok, I know you ladies can help me... I am stumped! I posted this question on a grammar board and got conflicting opinions as to which sentence is correct. Would it be ...


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Which sentence is correct? I am going taking a long walk in the city. I am going to take a long walk in the city. I am going take a long walk in the city.

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Collection of free English language tests. Check Your English with our quizzes. Past Simple: Which sentence is correct?

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L.Couperin - David's correct. Nine out of ten people wouldn't find anything at all wrong with either sentence. But I have a comment which, I hasten to add, is simply ...

Which of the following sentence is correct?

Could anybody help me to point out which of the following sentence is / are correct? Does each of them carry different meanings? Sentence 1 1.1) I will be away from ...

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