Who invented the fish sauce?

What is sauce? food historians tell us sauces were invented for many reasons. solid sauce is served with fish, with bourride (the fish sauce. - Read more

Am trying to figure out who invented cocktail sauce ... It had ancient fish sauce recipes from the Roman empire. ... invented cocktail - Read more

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Fish sauce AKA nguc mum - Asia Finest Discussion Forum

i know that Chinese doesnt use it...but all of SEA does, i use it to eat Pho, who invented it? ... Fish sauce will overpower the beef brooth, it's way to potent.

Difference Between Oyster And Fish Sauce | Difference ...

Oyster Sauce vs Fish Sauce. Traditional Oyster sauce is prepared from oyster extracts. Fish Sauce is made from fish. Oyster sauce was first invented in 1888.

Just So Stories: The man who invented the Filet-O-Fish ...

"So I invented my fish sandwich, developed a special batter, made the tartar sauce and took it to headquarters."

Asia Finest Discussion Forum > Fish sauce AKA nguc mum

Vietnam invented Fish sauce. because we are the first to use it. The use of fermented products has greatly enhanced humanity’s range of food sources.

The History of Cioppino - Kitchen Project

A brief history of the Pineapple ... The basics of a Ciopinno is a tomato sauce that has garlic onions and red or white wine, and of course fresh fish and

Fish sauce (Recipe: Thai beef salad) - The Perfect Pantry®

Most often, the fish used are anchovies, ... Here's a recipe I invented: I call it Fish Sauce Fights Gravity and Loses. At work, ...

History of Food and Food Products - About

The history of food and food related inventions. ... Adolph Rempp invented Adolph's Meat ... Lea & Perrins Worchestershire Sauce was trademarked registered. Inventors ...

Fred's Fish Sauce M and M - Chutnies

This dipping sauce is perfect for any firm white fish, such as halibut ... along those lines. My dad (Fred) invented this sauce sometime in the forties and I've used ...

The Man Who Invented Tuna Tartare - The Atlantic

The Man Who Invented Tuna Tartare. Katie ... firm texture of the fish, but in ... The chef quickly whipped up a mayonnaise sauce reminiscent of the one used ...


Fish and chips - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

... common in Australian fish and chip shops. Other types of fish are also used ... serve fish and chips with tartar sauce, ... Fish and chips invented in ...

Fish sauce - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Vietnam is the Asian country that can probably claim to have invented fish sauce, ... which is made the same way as fish sauce, except that both the fish and the ...

How to make patis fish sauce - by Suzy Z.(30)

Who invented Fish sauce or patis in the ... First 5 Qs including responses are likely straight away associated with the question "How to make patis fish sauce ...

History of Sauces, History of Mayonnaise, History of ...

... fish, and seafood didn't last long. Sauces and gravies were used to mask the flavor of tainted ... Béchamel Sauce was invented by Duke Philippe De Mornay ...

Who invented Worcestershire sauce? | Answerbag

Who invented Worcestershire sauce? ... Marcus Sandys asked chemists John Lea and William Perrins to develop a condiment that resembled a fish sauce ...

History Of Fish Sauce - GregGraphics

History knows a single person to invent fish sauce, but the origin of the sauce who invented the fish sauce? in: fish, history and origins of foods

Tabasco Sauce History: Who Really Invented It?

Tabasco Sauce History: Who Really Invented It? ... before Tabasco Sauce existed, ... TABASCO.com. Tabasco Sauce: ...

Active Ingredient: Fish Sauce - The Bay Citizen

... fish sauce was invented by the Greeks but popularized by the Romans, ... 150g fish paste (Mam Nem) 250g fish sauce (Tiparos or any kind) 150g sugar.

Who Invented Ketchup? - The Gemini Geek

Who Invented Ketchup? ... pickled fish sauce called ‘ketsiap’. ... The first recorded used of the word ‘catchup’ in reference to sauce dates back to 1690, ...

Who Invented Ketchup? - Yukozimo

How it all started? It started in the 1600s when British and Dutch sailors brought back a salty fish sauce called “ketsiap” from their travels to China.

Who Invented The Barbeque? | Easy Barbeque Recipes

Barbeque Sauce Recipe; Barbeque Side Dishes; ... poultry, fish, seafood, veggies, and even pizza. ... If you have been wondering who invented the barbecue, ...

Who invented pizza? | Who Invented…?

Who Invented…? Devoted to inventions. FOOD ... the pizza was covered by white sauce. ... cheese, oil and even fish.

The origin of fish sauce ~ Eurasian Sensation

Fish sauce is a well ... I'm inclined to think that it was invented ... pinoy and thai fish sauce are made from fermented fish or dried fish ...

Tartar sauce recipes. - Helpwithcooking.com

Tartar sauce is a thick, white, cold sauce, based on mayonnaise, which is typically served with deep-fried fish or seafood. The sauce was invented by the French, who ...

Fish Sauce??????? - General Topics - Chowhound

... my mother considers this her "table" fish sauce, which means that when a [fish] ... Cardini had fish sauce on the shelf when he invented the ...

The man who invented the doner kebab has died - Telegraph

The man who invented the doner kebab ... Mr Aygun went on to invent the yoghurt sauce often served with a doner ... The exotic history of British fish and ...

Sauces – History of Sauces | frenchgourmet Hong Kong

Because of the lack of refrigeration in the early days of cooking, meat, poultry, fish, ... Béchamel Sauce was invented by Duke Philippe De Mornay ...

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