Who is the Ubutu?

Ubuntu is an open source software platform that runs everywhere from the smartphone, the tablet and the PC to the server and the cloud. - Read more

Ubuntu ist eine kostenlose Linux-Distribution, die auf Debian basiert. Der Name Ubuntu bedeutet auf Zulu etwa „Menschlichkeit“ und bezeichnet eine afrikanische ... - Read more

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UEFI - Community Help Wiki - Ubuntu

UEFI (~EFI) is a firmware interface that is widespread on recent computers, especially those more recent than 2010. It is intended to replace the ...

Ubuntu 11.10 vs Windows 7 – Who Wins? - Technology ...

Even though Ubuntu is evolving over a period of years as an open source OS, it was not much successful in desktop line with some exception in deployment in ...

Ubuntu – Ubuntu Packages Search

Provides package information from the official Ubuntu Package archive. Packages can be browsed by their contents and by selected criteria.

Ubuntu Download - Linux - Betriebssystem - PC-WELT

Ubuntu ist ein vollwertiges Linux-Betriebssystem, das einen besonders einfachen Einstieg beziehungsweise Umstieg in die Linux-Welt ermöglicht.

ubuntu: Home

While there are hundreds of thousands of people who have been following my presentations around the world since 2006, there are many newcomers to this philosophy.

Ubuntu - DistroWatch.com: Put the fun back into computing ...

OS Type: Linux; Based on: Debian, Ubuntu; Origin: Isle of Man; Architecture: armhf, i686, powerpc, x86_64; Desktop: Unity; Category: Beginners, Desktop, Server, Live ...

Ubuntu | The LiveCD List

Ubuntu releases LiveCDs and LiveDVDs as the "Desktop" image. Desktop images of 12.04.4, 13.10, and 14.04 are currently supported. The info here is for the latest ...

Ubuntu Download - NETZWELT - Computernews, Testberichte ...

Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop Edition (64 Bit) Deutsch Free-Download kostenlos. Die menschenfreundliche Linux-Distribution aus Afrika: Ursprünglich wurde Ubuntu entwickelt ...

Softonic - Ubuntu - Download

Ubuntu, free download. Ubuntu 13.10: The best free operating system out there. Ubuntu is the ultimate free operating system which us widely revered for it's ease of ...


Get Ubuntu | Download | Ubuntu

Ubuntu is an open source software platform that runs everywhere from the smartphone, the tablet and the PC to the server and the cloud.

Home - Ubuntu Wiki

A repository of community-edited information on all versions of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu (philosophy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu term roughly translating to "human kindness." It is an idea from the Southern African region which means literally "human-ness," and is often ...

Ubuntuusers Wiki

Willkommen im Wiki von ubuntuusers.de. Hier findest du eine ständig wachsende Sammlung von Anleitungen und Problemlösungen.

Ubuntu One : File Service Shutdown

Sign in to see available options for downloading your Ubuntu One cloud file service content.

Ubuntu (Philosophie) – Wikipedia

Ubuntu, ausgesprochen [ùɓúntú], bezeichnet eine afrikanische Lebensphilosophie, die im alltäglichen Leben aus afrikanischen Überlieferungen heraus praktiziert wird.

What is Ubuntu? - The Ubuntu Linux distro, its purpose ...

Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution, designed with the intent of overthrowing Microsoft Windows as the world's most widely-used operating system.


Wiki downloads. Ubuntu ist ein Betriebssystem für Computer, das auf der Software basiert die vom "Debian/GNU Linux" Projekt zur Verfügung gestellt wird.

Official Ubuntu Documentation

Official Ubuntu Documentation. This site is where you can find the official documentation developed and maintained by the Ubuntu Documentation Project.


Deutsches Portal mit Forum, News und Wiki.

Ubuntu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ubuntu may refer to: Ubuntu (philosophy), an ethical concept Ubuntu Local Municipality, Northern Cape, South Africa Ubuntu Party, South African political party Ubuntu ...

Nexus7 - Ubuntu Wiki

Ubuntu Core on Nexus 7. The core of the Ubuntu Desktop has been enabled on the Nexus 7 tablet to serve as a developer reference platform. As Mark writes on ...

Ubuntu (32 Bit) - Download - CHIP

Ubuntu (32 Bit) 14.04 Final Deutsch Free-Download kostenlos. CD-Image des Linux-Betriebssystems Ubuntu 14.04 "Trusty Tahr" für 32 Bit-Systeme.

Ubuntu Community

Community. Whether you’re an experienced technology user or you’re just getting started, there are lots of ways to get involved with the Ubuntu community.

Ask Ubuntu

Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. It's 100% free, no registration required. Take the 2-minute tour


UBUNTU. begrüßen, denn das ist auch ein Gruß. Ubuntukommt ursprünglich aus der Sprache der Zulus, ist jedoch in allen Idiomen Afrikas mittlerweile ein ...

Ubuntu - Download - heise online

Ubuntu ist eine Linux-Distribution, die auch für Neulinge geeignet ist und ausschließlich freie Software enthält.

It's Official: The Ubuntu LiveCD is Dead | OMG! Ubuntu!

It's official: the Ubuntu Live CD is dead. Ubuntu 12.10 will increase the maximum size of its disc image from 700MB to 800MB, thereby making it too big to ...

Ubuntu Font Family

About the Ubuntu Font Family. The way typography is used says as much about our brand as the words themselves. The Ubuntu typeface has been specially created to ...

Ubuntu – Wikipedia

Ubuntu ist een Linux -Distributschoon, wat för jeden up de ganze Welt in sien Spraak to kriegen sien sall.

Ubuntu | Facebook

Ubuntu. 1.067.897 „Gefällt mir“-Angaben · 7.743 Personen sprechen darüber. A community driven operating system. Ubuntu is made for sharing; everyone can...

What is Ubuntu? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia ...

This page describes the term Ubuntu and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information.

Ubuntu Community | Help and information

Help and information Documentation. Our official documentation explains everything about Ubuntu, with topics for beginners to experts alike. Support

Ubuntu - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

Ubuntu OS family: Linux: Kernel Type: Corn Latest release: 13.666 Satanic Serpent Company/developer: Canonical STD/N00buntu Foundation Source model: GPL ...


An official version of Ubuntu Linux that uses the XFCE desktop environment. Designed for low-specification computers.

The Meaning of “Ubuntu” – Explained by Nelson ...

The Meaning of “Ubuntu” – Explained by Nelson Mandela June 1, 2006 Posted by Carthik in ubuntu. trackback. I have often wondered what the best way to explain ...

Wiki [Ubuntu Česko]

Wiki stránky pro uživatele Ubuntu plné návodů, rad a tipů o jednom z nejpopulárnějších operačních systémů z rodiny GNU/Linux.

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