Who is your favourite author And why?

My favourite authors (apart from Gaskell and Jane Austen and George Eliot) are Barbara Trapido, Kate Atkinson, ... Who are your favourite writers and why? - Read more

Answer 1 of 17: I have many favourite authors, but since this question asks for one favourite author, I'd go ahead and say, Khalil Gibran. His best known wor... - Read more

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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Monthly Group Reads - Chit ...

59 discussion posts. ♥Tricia♥ said: Author chatter!Am curious about who your favorite authors are and why they are your favorites!My favorite is Lau...

Who is your favorite Author and why? - SodaHead

Mine is R.A. Salvatore he weaves a very mean fantasy story (plus the fight scenes in his books are just amazing) a close second would be Richard Lee Byers.

What is your favorite author? Why? - GirlsAskGuys.com

What is your favorite author? Why? My favorite author is Neal Shusterman. The Fiction ones too be more exact. I like the concepts of... asked under Occasions & Gifts

Who is your favorite author and why? - SodaHead

My fav author is J.K. Rowling. I love her because she is an amazing novelist. She has created a series that is unique, the first of it's kind.

ESL Conversation Questions - Favorites (I-TESL-J)

What is your favorite country? And why? ... Who is your favorite author? ... Many of the above questions can be changed from "What is" to "What was."

Who's youre favorite author? why?

My favorite author is Janet Evanovich. ... "Books: What is your favorite book & why?" (5 answers) "when you have youre physicl do they check if youre a virgen" ...


Subject: WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST AND WHY ? Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:56 am

Who is your favourite author or poet and why? - The ...

Arts and Humanities University Courses > English ... Hi all I'm preparing for my Uni interview for English and have decided to explore ... Which period, and favourite ...

2 reasons why John Ortberg is my favourite author ...

John Ortberg is my favourite author. If you don’t know who he is, here is a short bio of him: John Ortberg is an evangelical Christian author, speaker, and senior ...


Who’s your favorite author and why? | The Free-eBooks ...

I have a favorite author. Even when I say that I don’t because I like styles and genres more than I might like a particular person’s writing, it’s not true.

Who is your Favorite Author and why? - Barnes & Noble Book ...

I have two favorite authors , I love the writings of Ally Carter and Jerry B Jenkins

Who is Your Favorite Author and Why - Writing Competition

This contest is open to poets, short story writers, novelists, and film/screen writers. I believe writers are also readers. Select YOUR favorite writer (NOT a writer ...

Who Is Your Favorite Fantasy Fiction Author? And Why ...

The exciting thing about fantasy fiction is that you never know what or who is going to come along next. Will it be another “overnight” sensation like ...

Who Is Your Favourite Author, And Why - Find Answers to ...

Answers to the question, Who Is Your Favourite Author, And Why Answers to Questions from People Who Know at Ask Experience Project.

Who is your favorite fiction author? Why? - Quora

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Who is your favorite Russian author and why? | Fans of ...

LibraryThing catalogs your books online, easily, quickly and for free.

Indonesians Who Love English Books - Hello and Welcome ...

If by definition a favourite author is one whose all of his/her writing I own, then I don't have one, I always prefer to experiment around looking for books with ...

Who is your favorite children's author & why?

Askville Question: Who is your favorite children's author & why? : Books

Who is your favorite author and why? - nerdfighteria

It would obviously be better if this could be a poll, but that's impossible for obvious reasons. So, who are Nerdfighteria's favorite authors and why?

Who is your favorite Author/ess and why? - thinkypedia.com

Who is your favorite Author/ess and why? I love Richard Laymon (Bless His Soul) He wrote horror gory down to earth fear filling horror he is the ...

Who is your Favourite Muslimah Author and why? | Muslimah ...

I love Yasmin Mogahed, Author of Reclaim your Heart. I find her writing to be inspirational, empowering, spiritually uplifting and she offers her readers ...

Who is your favorite author and why do you like them ...

You might also like... Who likes to unlock their doors and who likes to close them? Why do you do what you do to your door? Home & Garden. If you mean like my bedroom ...

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