Who killed claudius's father?

Question: Why was Hamlet's father killed unjustly by Claudius and why was Laertes unjustly killed too?, Topics: Hamlet, Tags: claudius, Hamlet, killed, ... - Read more

King Claudius is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of William ... sending him to England to be killed, ... Hamlet's Father (2008) The Story of Edgar ... - Read more

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Who is to blame?Can Claudius be held responsible for all ...

It is Claudius's fault. Hamlet's ... and for wanting a "good" revenge for his father, not killing Claudius in what ... Had Hamlet swiftly killed Claudius, ...

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Hamlet dreads that Claudius killed his own brother, ... He could not merely kill Claudius as Claudius had killed his father, Hamlet was obligated by personal, ...

Claudius - Fun Facts and Information - Fun Trivia Quizzes ...

Claudius's fourth wife ... The death of his father the following year led him to ... This is the only known assasination attempt on Claudius before Nero's mom killed ...

In Defense of Hamlet's King Claudius - Shakespeare Online

We know of Claudius's drinking on two ... like Claudius, killed the thing he ... Father Blackmore states that canon law "prohibited one from marrying his ...

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is hamlet gets killed it wouldn't look ... They talk about what is going to happen and Laertes asks who then killed his father, and Claudius says that he ...

Why Hamlet Took to Long to Kill Claudius? - College Essay ...

... had killed Hamlet's father. ... Claudius is suspected of having killed Hamlet's father and is trying to take advantage of the situation.

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If Hamlet killed Claudius earlier in the play, he ran a great chance of the court ... The fact that Hamlet killed her father might have weakened his position as ...

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... the fact that Claudius killed Hamlet’s father, he cannot do so until Claudius’s ... who killed both his mother and father ... Freudian Analysis

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Claudius's reaction to the play will reveal his guilt, Hamlet believes, ... His reaction convinces Hamlet of Claudius's guilt: He killed Hamlet's father; ...


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The castle ghost suddenly pops his head in and gripes that Hamlet still hasn't killed Claudius yet and ... is whether to avenge his father and kill Claudius, or ...

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Hamlet's father killed Fortinbras's father, and Hamlet killed Laertes' father. Claudius also killed Hamlet's father.

Who killed Hamlet's father? (160639 people answered this)

Book trivia question: Who killed Hamlet's father? Answers: Hamlet's mother, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, His uncle Claudius, Ophelia

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... dealing with Fortibras issue over the land King Hamlet took from his father. Claudius' First ... to Hamlet that Claudius was the one who killed his father

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Old Hamlet (killed by poison in the garden by Claudius) ... Who must avenge his father's death by killing King Claudius? The Tangled Web of Relationships in Hamlet.

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Because Hamlet needed proof that Claudius killed his father d. Because he wanted to entertain Claudius. ANSWERS ...

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Laertes was angry and upset because of the deaths of both his sister and father and Claudius found it easy to talk him into ... First Claudius killed the king ...

Shakespeare's Hamlet Essays: Claudius - Guilty or Innocent ...

... Hamlet, who wanted revenge for the death of his father. ... Claudius. Claudius kills his brother mainly because of jealousy, the crown, ...


Old Hamlet (killed by poison in the garden by Claudius) ... Who must avenge his father's death by killing King Claudius? The Tangled Web of Relationships in Hamlet.


Hamlet kills Claudius with ... The Danish Prince’s revenge against Claudius, his uncle who killed his father ... The Lord Chamberlain of Claudius's ...

Hamlet Discussion: Act IV -- Hamlet and Laertes

Laertes found out Hamlet killed his father and didn't want ... Laertes knows that Hamlet killed his father and Hamlet knows that claudius killed his father.

Claudius's Father? How did he die? - Imperium Romanorum ...

Claudius's Father? How did he die? - posted in Imperium Romanorum: Hello all. There is a mystery that I've been wondering about. What killed Drusus? Was it a woundin ...

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