Who would win Goku or Superman?

Superman vs Goku Who Would Win? This is a video I am doing as a hypothetical match up between 2 of the most famous characters in all of comics and literature. - Read more

I have been into superhero stuff like Marvel and DC, I never really was a big fan of Superman. I just wanted to ask, who would win Goku or Superman? - Read more

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Batman sneaks up and breaks bad all over both of them. That's who wins that one.

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This particular topic has been debated by more than a few people and circles. The topic of discussion is who would win in a battle? Superman or Goku from ...

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Exposure to green Kryptonite radiation nullifies Superman's powers and immobilizes him with pain and nausea; prolonged exposure will eventually kill him.

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› Goku VS Superman - DEATH BATTLE! ... #epic, #Goku vs Superman, #Who will win. 1961332. 13384. ... superman dies. Goku uses U spirit bomb, ...

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Long time procrastinator and defender of the realm of cheese. I've battled tons Orcs and saved the Princess hundreds of times before. I write for Ohmi.net, LaSlasher ...

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Answers to the question, Who Would Win; Superman Or Goku? Answers to Questions from People Who Know at Ask Experience Project.

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its simple goku vs superman who would win this will be a somewhat like a debate please back your answers up with facts goku or the man of steel

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Son Goku, better known as simply Goku, is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Dragon Ball manga series written by Akira Toriyama.


Who would win goku or superman?

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goku or superman. who would win? cheerex Jul 5, 2012 8:58 PM and state facts and ****. 441 Views Tags: or. Content ... Content tagged with superman

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Both Superman and Goku possess abilities they can use in combat. Although Goku has a clear advantage in this topic. Disregarding obvious powers such as ...