Why an abstract method cannot be defined as final?

Why methods in an interface cannot be ... return type and parameters as is defined in a ... this would lead to a situation similar to a final abstract method ... - Read more

If a method is defined as final then we can’t provide the reimplementation for ... You cannot have final abstract methods in java as both ... I wonder why the ... - Read more

Discussion about Why an abstract method cannot be defined as final?

Why an abstract method cannot be defined as final? resources

OOPs Concept ! -> Why Static Methods can't b... | SCN

... Why can't Static Method be Abstract ? ... implementation of the method has been defined no one can ... method is Final then it cannot be overridden ...

Developer Blogging: Abstract Classes, Interfaces and Why ...

... Interfaces and Why Static Abstract Methods ... final. Interface methods must not be static. Interface methods implicitly are abstract and cannot ...

Why can't we redefine an inherited static method? | SCN

That's why (in my opinion ... You cannot redefine static methods. This means that you cannot define them as abstract or final. Regards, Naimesh Patel.

Implementation for abstract method | Coding Forums

Can an abstract method have implementation in Java? ... isn't a pure virtual C++ function defined as ... no an abstract method cannot have a body. As to why, ...

Using the final keyword on method parameters Java

* a final method cannot be ... composed of abstract methods and public static final ... in Java and learned why we should always make fields and method ...

Core Java (Part X) Interview Questions and Answers | For ...

Can an object's finalize() method be invoked while it is reachable? An object's finalize() method cannot be invoked by the garbage collector while the object is still ...


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