Why do boys pee?

Find out why Close . How do boys pee? Angie Chamberlain. ... Going Pee Pee 101 (For boys Age 1.5+) by lml2RockeR8lml 18,524 views; - Read more

Why do my boys pee all over toilet... Mostly my 5 yr old. In the mornings when he pees his spray is out of control! This morning I go into the bathroom and theres a ... - Read more

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AnswerParty | Why do girls have to pee more often than boys?

Why do girls have to pee more often than boys? | The bladders are a little smaller and they are also more aot to get infections. Thanks for using AnswerParty!

ivyblossom | Do you pee like a boy? - Dreamwidth

She also pees like a boy. "Why hang around?" she says. ... So not only do i pee like a boy (barring the standing part), I'm teaching all 4 of my kids to do the same.

Why Do Boys Wet the Bed? | eHow - eHow | How to - Discover ...

Why Do Boys Wet the Bed?. Bed-wetting, technically known as enuresis, is a fairly common condition during a boy's development. Most boys will outgrow bed-wetting by ...

Can girls hold their pee in longer than boys can? If so, why?

Can girls hold their pee in longer than boys can? If so, why? no boys can keep them more than girls boys have 5 times bigger (the organ that the liquid ...

yarns and musings: How Do Boys Pee?

How Do Boys Pee? Occasionally, I will ... Well, Elena, most boys stand up and pee at the urinal. DD: ... why does she have to ask so many questions?") Well, ...

"Mommy, why do I need to wash my hands if I only pee ...

I have three boys. Two are generally filthy and one is very clean. The filthy ones rarely wash their hands after using the bathroom at home, if all they do is pee.

Do boys pee in front of girls - Girls visiit a boy locker ...

Do boys pee in front of girls? Girls visiit a boy locker room so they can see what boys look like . Post to Facebook . ... Why do boys stare into girls eyes?

Why do girls and women need to wipe after they pee while ...

Why do girls and women need to wipe after they pee while boys and men don't? Health related question in topics .We found some answers as below for this question "Why ...

Why Do I Pee My Pants? - EzineArticles

Why Do I Pee My Pants?. Retrieved September 21, 2014, from http://ezinearticles.com/?Why-­Do-­I-­Pee-­My-­Pants?&id=2647268. Chicago Style Citation:


AnswerParty | Why do girls pee their pants more than boys?

Why do girls pee their pants more than boys? | There is no evidence that overall girls wet their bed or pee their pants more often than boys. Thanks for usi...

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