Why do women wear a slip?

Although a modern woman may occasionally wear a slip under a dress or around the house as a sleep or lounging garment, slips are not as prevalent as they ... - Read more

Las, why is it so many do not wear slips anymore. Clingy or transparent clothing may require that you wear a slip underneath for decorum or modesty. - Read more

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Why do Mennonite women wear a skirt?

Why Do Women Wear Slips?. ... Why Do Women Wear Slips? A slip is a piece of clothing that women usually wear underneath dresses and skirts. SHOW MORE ....

Ladies And Maybe Some Guys Do U Still Wear Slips And ...

... i wear slips when im home, hey are comfortable and easy to move ... Do most women wear slips, ... Why are women not wearing slips anymore?

Why Do Women Wear Wigs? | eHow

Why Do Women Wear Slips? A slip is a piece of clothing that women usually wear underneath dresses and skirts. ... Why Do Muslim Women Wear the Burqa?

Women's Thoughts Forum • View topic - Do you wear a slip?

It`s All About Me. Please register as a member to add your comments. ... "I gave up wearing slips or petticoats as you might call them years ago. Why was that ...

Do any young women still wear slips? [Archive] - GreekChat ...

[Archive] Do any young women still wear slips? Chit Chat ... The only time I've seen a younger woman wear a slip on TV was Charlotte on SATC, ...

Why do women wear tight lower clothing in the gym? Is it ...

Why do women wear tight lower clothing in the gym? Is it functionality driven, ... Is it a fear factor that loose clothing may slip away or show more than intended?

Do women still wear slips under dresses? - Cruise Critic ...

Do women still wear slips ... I guess in the commercial they didn't want the woman standing by the ... I have gone without a slip, but usually do wear ...

Do women/girls still wear slips under their dresses ...

Do women/girls still wear slips under their dresses and skirts? When I was little, I wasn't allowed out of the house in a dress or skirt without a slip underneath.

Flickr: Discussing Why do men wear women's shoes? in Guys ...

yeongju2010 [deleted] says: I wear only flats and I wear them because they are more comfortable than men's shoes. They are lighter in weight and slip ...


Why do Women Wear Slips | Askhoo

Why do women wear slips? It is nearly impossible to tell when lingerie first came into use by women, but it is speculated that it might have begun in Egypt around ...

The Elegant Bohemian: Do you wear a slip? Why you may want ...

I recently read in More magazine (magazine for women over 40) that slips were items of clothing that are apparently now unnecessary. I couldn't DISAGREE more!

When Should You Wear A Slip? - Essortment

Wear a slip in a neutral color or one that coordinates ... as when the outfit has its own slip or the fabric is heavy enough to do ... Safety Tips For Women ...

Do women still wear slips? - Fluther

... but I certainly do wear slips when I wear a dress or skirt. ... never a thought from these women about trying to dress femininely.

Do Most Women Wear Slips, Or Half Slips Under Skirts ...

... Do Most Women Wear Slips, Or Half Slips Under Skirts? from people who know at Ask ... Why do some women wear fancy tennis skirts to play a tennis ...

Why dont women wear slips anymore?-for Modern Women

there are still quite a few of us that wear them. SLIPS? half of these "women" today aren't even wearing underwear much less a slip. ... Why do women wear high heeled ...

Why do women not wear petticoats anymore and rarely seem ...

Sweetie, I do wear them quite frequently! I love feminine vintage clothing, and enjoy the look and feel of wearing silky underthings, like nylons ,slips ,petticoats etc.

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