Why does it rain in a rainforest?

R ain forest are forest with heavy annual rainfall. I always see the rainforests on Discovery or Natgeo tv channel. And, I was wondering why does it rain so ... - Read more

Why is the rainforest wet? Why does it rain in the rainforest? Visitors to my blog have reached me with the questions, ‘Why is the rainforest wet?’ - Read more

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Tropical Rainforest Climate and Structure of the ...

Most of the rain stays in the rain forest . ... That’s why the layers of the rain forest always ... evergreen = when a plant or tree does not lose its leaves in ...

Rain forests needed by humans and animals to survive

Why are rain forests so important? ... How does a temperate rainforest compare to a tropical rainforest? The differences in temperature and rainfall, ...

Amazon Rainforest - Rain Forest Animals - Tropical ...

The Amazon Rainforest is ... The Amazon has received up to 180 inches of rain in a single year! How Does ... Amazon Rainforest Destruction and Deforestation. Why are ...

Climate for Tropical Rainforest Areas

What is the ideal climate for tropical rainforest regions and their ... with lots of rain. Gotta be ... it does not drop off sharply at night. Why is it not ...

Why Does It Rain, Hail, Sleet Or Snow? - Blurtit

Why Does It Rain, Hail, ... there's a lot of rain forest and plants in Australia so a lot of rain is neccesary. ... Why Does Rain Drop But Snow Fall?

HowStuffWorks "How Rainforests Work"

Harris, Tom. "How Rainforests Work" 17 April 2001. HowStuffWorks.com. 25 September ...

How Much Rain Fall Does A Desert Get In 1 Year? - Blurtit

How Much Rainfall Does The Rainforest Get In A ... Why Doesn't It Rain In The Desert? How Much Rain Fall Does A Desert ... How Much Rain Fall Does Most Desert Get In ...

Room 42 - Rainforest Vegetation - Wikispaces

... help all of the plants grow and so does the ... It rains a lot. that is why it is called a rain forest ... Why do you think it's called a "rain" "forest ...

Tinas Dynamic Homeschool - Rainforest - Amazon

The printables ON THIS PAGE are already on their new page. CLICK HERE TO GO THE NEW PAGE AMAZON RAIN FOREST. Be sure to follow me there. Sign up on the right side bar ...


Why does it rain in the tropical rainforest?

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Re: WHY DOES IT RAIN IN THE RAINFOREST? Date: Sat Jan 24 12:03:10 1998 Posted By: David Beck, MadSci Admin Area of science: Environment/Ecology ID: 877540375.En

Why does it rain so much in the rainforest?

Why does it rain so much in the rainforest? Rainforests are not called rainforests for no reason: it rains a lot there. Every year, each square metre in Brazil`s ...

Climate in the rainforest - SlideShare

Rain forest 1535 views; Tropical rainforest 325 views; ... What is the climate like in the rainforest? Why does it always rain in the afternoon?

Rainforest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rainforests are forests characterized by high rainfall, with annual rainfall between 250 and 450 centimetres (98 and 177 in). There are two types of rainforest ...


Subject: WHY DOES IT RAIN IN THE RAINFOREST? Date: Wed Oct 22 12:12:55 1997 Posted by Annie /Marlene Grade level: 7-9 School: Thompson City: Newport State/Province: RI

Why Does it Rain? | Why

Why Does it Rain? The warm air moves ... Why should rainforest be protected? Why should recycling be mandatory? Why are Egyptian People protesting? Why is Oxygen ...

Layers of the Rainforest - Blue Planet Biomes

The tropical rain forest is a forest of tall ... A tropical rainforest gets about ... This is important because in the rain forest, some rain never gets past the ...

Why Do People Cut Down Trees in the Rain Forest? | eHow

Why Do People Cut Down Trees in the Rain Forest?. Trees from the world's rain forests are used to ... Rain forest trees are cut down at a rate of 6,000 ...

♦ Vegetation produces its own rain

So the focus shifts to: Why does it rain more in a rainforest? Or better yet: Why does it rain? ... Vegetation does not compete with animals for the water.

Room 42 - Rainforest Climate - Wikispaces

The climate of the rain forest is rain and humitiy. Why? ... in the Rain Forest is very humid and warm. There is usually no rain but sometimes it does rain a lot, ...

Why Save the Rain Forest? Activity - eduplace.com

Why Save the Rain Forest? ... In order to save rain forests, you first should know why it is important to do so. ... Visit the Rainforest Facts section and Related ...

Rainforest Facts - Raintree Nutrition, Inc.

Raintree's rainforest website features indepth information on the problems and solutions of Rainforest ... Fewer rainforests mean less rain, ... Where does all this ...

Lesson 2 Rainforest Ecosystems - SlideShare

Why does it rain so much in the rainforest? Convectional rain Vegetation . After millions of years of growth, the vegetation in the rainforest ...

Tropical rainforest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tropical rain forests have been subjected to heavy logging ... Tropical rainforest ecology ... A number of theories have been developed for why and how the ...

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