Why is Marco polo famous?

Marco Polo was a Venetian (Italian) ... He met Rustichello, a famous writer, who wrote about Marco Polo's travels in a book called THE BOOK OF TRAVELS. - Read more

He didn't seem to really do that much? ... he invented that game you play in pools - Read more

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Marco Polo was an explorer and merchant from Venice. He was hosted by Kublai Khan at his palace, Xanadu, ... Famous People Named Marco; Famous Italian Explorers;

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Discover quick facts about Marco Polo. ... Marco is famous for his journeys ... Now you know a great deal of information about Marco Polo, the famous explorer who ...

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... make up the large part of Marco Polo's famous book, ... Marco Polo is quite possibly the most famous traveler on the famous Silk Road. In 1300, Marco got married.

Who is marco polo and why is he important ?

Who is marco polo and why is he important ? Asked by . Cassidy Mohammed l 3 years ago l In: ... Marco Polo is famous for his travels through Asia.

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Accomplishments and Achievements or why Marco Polo was famous: ...

why was the explorer Marco Polo important to history?

Marco Polo was an important figure in history as he was one of the first westerners to travel the Silk Road.

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About Marco Polo and Korcula. Tweet. Korcula INFO; ... This made Marco’s travelling exploits famous throughout the world. ... “ Why do you speak to me of the stones?

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Marco Polo is born in Venice, Italy on September 1254 and died in Venice, ... He is famous for traveling to Far East Asia and China for most of his life.

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Why, Where, What, How, When ... The book spread quickly in Italy, and Marco Polo was made famous as an adventurer! by Brian Griffin (whyzz writer) Share


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Learn about Marco Polo: what he did before he was famous, his family life, his popularity rankings, and more. Follow. Famous Birthdays. ... Person named Marco # 2

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Marco Polo is my hero. And just why is he my hero? ... but Marco would entertain the khan with stories about the lands that ... Marco Polo became famous for his ...

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... he left the famous epitaph ... The extant Chinese sources on these events are not as comprehensive as Marco's book. Although Marco Polo received little ...

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Marco Polo was one of the first and most famous ... Marco Polo contracted an ... a glorious marble and gold structure that enchanted young Marco. The Khan happily ...

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Marco Polo was very famous for his travels and stories he told from Ancient China. ... His book " The Travels Of Marco Polo" inspired many young travelers and ...

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Marco Polo Stufano is a famous person. Our editors need your help to write the biography of Marco Polo Stufano. If you want to contribute, please feel free to click ...

What was Marco Polos most famous accomplishment?

Accomplishments or why Marco Polo was famous: ... had become the most wealthy and ... Related Questions. had hysterectomy took out ovaries left uterus had abnormal pap?

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In 1995 historian Frances Wood argued in her book “Did Marco Polo Go to China?” that the famous ... In a new book entitled “Marco Polo Was in China ...

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Cassandra Polo was born in Puerto Rico and she is a model. Why is she famous? She is famous for winning the title of Miss Puerto Rico 2002 and also for representing ...

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... Marco Polo was the 13th century explorer, ... This famous explorer and merchant did not meet his father until he was about fifteen or sixteen.

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Marco Polo was an Italian ... Marco documented all these experiences and ... this famous book describes Marco Polo s travels between 1276 and 1291 as well as ...

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Marco Polo was a famous explorer. The game was named after him. login ... Most people aren't aware of why "Polo" always comes after "Marco".