Why was everyone blamming the Pope for child abuse cover up?

As a cardinal, Pope Benedict XVI and other Vatican officials did not punish or even hold a trial within the Catholic church for a Wisconsin ... - Read more

How can decent Catholics back the Pope - a man who hid child abuse and ... to cover up abuse became ... left behind' Blaming Rogen ... - Read more

Discussion about Why was everyone blamming the Pope for child abuse cover up?

Why was everyone blamming the Pope for child abuse cover up? resources

Christian Child Abuse: Why the Vatican media strategy is ...

Why the Vatican media strategy is failing Catholics commentators say the Vatican has no media strategy The Vatican's handling of child abuse ...

The pope should stand trial | Richard Dawkins | Comment is ...

S exual abuse of children is not ... church spokesmen are now blaming everybody but ... such as the pope, should be no different. That is why, ...

Ratzinger's Swan Song: It's Time for the Pope to Go ...

... Pope Benedict should do everyone a favor and ... more suspicion on Benedict's role in the cover up. ... telling his story and blaming the pope.

Ratzinger's Children: Pope Benedict XVI and Child Abuse

Ratzinger's Children: Pope ... on matters related to the cover up of child abuse. ... why would Ratzinger throw his weight behind Bush and ...

The Pope’s Weaselly Excuses For Church Child Abuse In ...

Blaming everyone else is ... behind the broader trends against child abuse in ... cover up the result. The Pope’s words ring ...

Richard Dawkins, Pope Benedict, Child Abuse

This website is about false allegations of child abuse ... Richard Dawkins's case against the pope ... church spokesmen are now blaming everybody but ...

In Defense of the Pope | FrontPage Magazine

... let me now come to the defense of the Pope and of the ... there is so much cover up moving ... to clean up it's stinking abuse of innocent children.

British Atheist Wants Pope Arrested Over Abuse: Should ...

No! Pope Benedict XVI didn't help cover up any abuse. As the head of the Catholic Church, he's just a scapegoat in Dawkin's atheist agenda

The Vatican speaks to CNN about “What the Pope Knew ...

Catholics Media and Culture. ... to the earlier 1962 document to cover up the abuses – deny the child and use ... Why does the pope think it is ...

Here’s a crazy idea: What if the Pope is innocent? | Crikey

The following two quotations in relation to Vatican cover-up of child abuse are ... to which everyone ... to the pope? Why wasn ...


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