Why won't my iPod charge?!?

If the iPod Nano appears to be working properly but doesn't charge, try connecting it to other computers to charge it and also try using a different iPod USB cable. - Read more

When I plug my ipod into the charger nothing happens. It doesn't register on my computer and the iPod screen doesn't turn on. There is a very faint image of the ... - Read more

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Why won't my iPod charge?!? resources

Why won't my iPod charge? - iPhone, iPad, iPod Forums at ...

... Why won't my iPod charge? Originally Posted by raficbeydoun15. Thanks Posted via iMore App. You're very welcome. Did any of the above work for you?

why won't my ipod charge up?? (firewire) - Forums @ The ...

Gadgets and Gizmos > Computing Forum ... EDIT: See 5th POST BELOW for current situation I have a 3rd generation ipod, which ... The PocketDock Combo looks like it ...

Why wont my ipod touch charge when i plug it in

Top sites by search query "why wont my ipod touch charge when i plug it in" Apple ... My ipod touch's USB won't charge in my home or computer.


Related topics Replies Views Last post; Ok so everytime i want to charge my ipod touch 4th generation it wont charge.ive tried different cords and? by leith » Tue ...

My iPod touch 4th gen. won't charge.?

Why Won't My Apple iPod Nano Charge?. ... My iPod Touch Battery Won't Hold a Charge. The iPod Touch seems to makes the time go by faster with all that it has to offer.

Why wont my ipod charge when i plug it into my computer

Top sites by search query "why wont my ipod charge when i plug it into my computer" Amazon.com: Customer Discussions: My Kindle Fire Won't Charge

My iPod's Battery Won't Charge - MethodShop.com

My iPod's Battery Won't Charge Need some help getting your iPod's battery to charge? Created ... My iPod Won't Mount/Update . methodshop.com community ...

Why won't my Apple iPhone dock charge my iPhone? - iPhone ...

Why won't my Apple iPhone dock charge my iPhone? ... Why won't my Apple iPhone dock charge my iPhone? ... Is it an iPhone or an old iPod dock?

Why won`t my iPod touch 4g charge? It shows the strike but ...

I`ll plug my iPod Touch in to the charger, it shows that its charging and shows the lightning strike, but it doesn`t charge what so ever.


Why Won't My iPod Hold a Charge? | eHow

Why Won't My iPod Hold a Charge?. IPod batteries have a limited battery lifespan by design, as is typical of rechargeable batteries. If you take good care of your ...

My iPhone Won't Charge. What Do I Do? - About

An iPhone that won't charge isn't necessarily a dead iPhone. ... Let About.com send you the latest from our iPhone/iPod Expert. ... Why Won't My iPhone Screen Rotate?

Why won't my iPod charge? - iPod Touch 4th Generation - iFixit

Why won't my iPod charge? History. The cable isn't the problem. It works fine on other apple products, but on my ipod touch 4th generation, ...

What to Do If Your iPad Won't Charge - About

While your iPhone or iPod may not have a problem charging via the USB port on your computer, ... "My iPad Won't Charge..." By Daniel Nations. iPad Expert

Why won't my iPod charge? | Apple Support Communities

it sounds like your ipod is getting old! i got mine around the same time and started having all sorts of battery problems. you can get a new battery for around 60 ...

Why won't my 4th generation i-pod charge? : iPod - Apple ...

my ipod (4th gen) won t charge in my i-home and if i plug it in to my computer it still won t charge. ... Why won't my 4th generation i-pod charge?

Why won't my iPod Touch 5 charge and turn on? : iPod Touch

Related topics Replies Views Last post; My Ipod touch won't turn on or charge? by manfrit » Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:07 am 2 Replies 209 Views Last post by leonce Thu Jul ...

How long is the maximum battery life of every iPod model ...

Maximum battery life of every iPod, ... the iPod models should provide somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 to 500 charge cycles. Why won't my iPod battery charge ...

Why won't my iPod sync or charge? | Apple Support Communities

As of yesterday, my iPod will on longer sync to iTunes, or even charge when it is plugged into my computer. I've gone through all of the trouble shooting options ...

Why won't my iPod hold a charge or sync? - iPod 5th ...

My iPod worked perfectly for years...then I dropped it. It broke in half at the seam. I squished it back together and it worked fine. This happened about 4 times.

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